The big guy sums up the experience! The reason why the old 6 can cross the game circle is because the player’s eyesight is too poor?

To say that there are two types of people who are most hated by players in the game: one is the “fairy player” who relies on technological means, and the other is the old 6 player who specializes in sneak attacks. However, compared to the former, everyone shouts and fights, and even the official has to take action. The old 6 players are an existence accepted by the game circle. And recently, a big player shared his experience of being an old 6 in the game. The reason for his success was that the player’s eyesight was too poor?

And the game that this boss exemplifies is the most popular domestic martial arts multiplayer competitive game “Eternal Calamity”. The gameplay has been deeply loved by players at home and abroad since its launch. It has successfully sold over 10 million copies in just half a year. It can be said to be the most popular competitive end game nowadays.

In this competitive game, the old 6 players are naturally indispensable, and the large map range, coupled with the interaction of various buildings and vegetation, also gives the old 6 players more room for development. However, compared to the old 6 players’ various ambush, hiding, and remote viewing operations, the boss also pointed out that he was often forced to become the old 6 because of the poor eyesight of the players.

In the video, the boss described various situations he encountered in the game that were ignored by the players, such as just wearing ordinary clothes and all black, squatting on the edge of the dealer’s box and buying equipment for himself, just looking at I saw that the passing players didn’t notice him at all. Instead, they chased other enemies, or when someone ran past him, they didn’t notice him. Not to mention that if there are grasses and trees nearby, it will become a visual blind spot for many players.

The most outrageous thing is that in this big guy’s demo, he ran behind a hostile player, and was mistaken for a teammate by the opponent, so he exposed his back unsuspectingly until halfway through the run. Only then did he suddenly react and fight back. As a result, in the process of chasing and killing, the boss just hid by the wall, and the opponent directly ignored the situation in which he successfully escaped from being chased and killed, and even the boss himself was stunned. to doubt life.

Although old 6 players are not favored by many players, in this competitive game, it is also another kind of game fun and experience to be old 6 players by looking at the six ways and pre-judging consciousness. And, just like the big guy analyzed the biggest reason why the old 6 players can succeed, or because most players lacked careful observation in the game, they gave the old 6 a chance to take advantage.

So, what do you guys think about the old 6 in the game?