The big boss, Sister Black Tea, spoke? RNG is heavily in debt! WE wants to resume the 5-year plan?

At present, everyone may be more concerned about the upcoming semi-finals from the global finals, but many netizens have now turned their attention to some matters during the transfer period. It is said that this year’s transfer period only starts on 11.22, but in fact, the LPL transfer period will never really start until the end of the transfer period. Before that, the team will not officially announce that they did it during the transfer period. Anything, everyone can only get it through various channels.

The big boss, Sister Black Tea, spoke? RNG is heavily in debt! WE wants to resume the 5-year plan?

At present, many big news broke have begun to warm up with you some of the moves during the transfer period. Among them, e-sports No. 77, which we are more familiar with, is a big news blogger. She has been very lively there these days. But a lot of information is not necessarily accurate. Here, everyone also began to pay attention to another blogger, that is, Sister Black Tea. This blogger has always talked less, but the revelations are quite accurate. Basically, what she says can be hammered.

Recently, many netizens have begun to ask Sister Black Tea about some gossip during the transfer period. Sister Black Tea didn’t say much, but maybe she saw that fans wanted to find some other fun in the few days without competitions, so she started to use her own channels to bring you some very interesting news. Among them, she said that many of the current transfers have the effect of smoke bombs, and there may be changes in the future, so she still hopes to wait for all the dust to settle before discussing these matters.

We have a big move this year? Packing LSB and still fighting for pheasants!

But there are still some questions asked by netizens, and they have been answered by black tea. The first is the IG team. As a former LPL champion team, IG’s popularity was supreme in that year, but unfortunately, after two years, the performance has declined seriously, and the cornerstones of winning the championship have also left one after another, leaving this team without the previous year. Popularity, so what changes will IG make this year? Sister Black Tea simply said: “IG hasn’t changed, that’s all.” It shows that IG will continue to rot this year.

In addition, RNG is a bit interesting here. Recently, many people have said that RNG is going to be auctioned, so is this true? Sister Black Tea said more: “Just like that, I have no money, I have a lot of debts, I can’t sell it, I can only inject capital, and there are changes in the players.” It can be seen that the current situation of RNG is still relatively serious. If it is sold well, if it cannot be sold, the players may suffer as well. However, some netizens are still relatively happy. I hope that RNG can start from 0, which is good for everyone.

There is a lot of news from WE recently, among which there are rumors that the WE team packs the LSB team and is considering pheasants. Sister Black Tea’s answer to this is very real: “WE is a very unreliable team. Today, it said that it will hit the world championship, and it will be sold out tomorrow.” However, if WE can really prepare for this year, maybe next year will really be able to achieve results , it depends on what the follow-up transfer period will look like.