The best scoring lineup of the king S29 five rows, the fastest five minutes to the highland, fast scoring is not a dream

Hello everyone, the new season has started for a long time. I don’t know if you guys have come up, have you gone to the peak match to challenge your favorite hero brand, then let the game owner recommend two sets of lineups to help you rank Get a performance score!

The two systems are different, but the core is still Agudo. The new version of Agudo can be said to have enjoyed the benefits of the wild area, which has accelerated the arrival of Agudo’s strong period. Take this lineup to a higher level. In fact, this lineup has existed before, but with the arrival of Sang Qi, the early stage of this lineup has been made stronger. As long as the wind is favorable, it can be pushed all the way, and there is no need to return. Family.

So what exactly is this lineup?

The first set is Aguduo + Meng Tian + Sang Qi + Yang Yuhuan / Bian Que + Anti-Pressure Shot

The core of this lineup is Meng Tian. Although Meng Tian has been slashed before, even his injury reduction and his tower jumping mechanism , he is still very fleshy, enough to support the strength of the entire team in the early stage.

Meng Tian’s charged basic attack moves slowly, and when combined with Agudo’s acceleration effect, it can hit the enemy more easily. There are still two breasts in the back row who have been replying to Meng Tian. As long as Meng Tian is at the top, there is no solution to this lineup.

Even if the opponent took out Gong Ben to restrain Meng Tian’s blood return, the enemy would not be able to drop Meng Tian in seconds. After all, Meng Tian’s high damage-free ability allowed Meng Tian to resist a lot of damage.

The disadvantage of this lineup is that there is no lead , so this lineup focuses on the early and mid-term, and try to end the game in the early and mid-term to avoid being stolen because no one leads the line in the later stage.

Why is the shooter mentioned by the game owner called anti-pressure shooting? That’s because this lineup mainly revolves around Meng Tian, ​​and the shooter is just a guarantee for the later stage. What the shooter has to do is to try not to die in the early stage, not to be broken by the opponent, and then become a breakthrough for the team!

If you are afraid that no one will lead the line, you can replace the mid laner with Huo Wu. After all, Huo Wu’s single-lane ability is also one of the best. When you get this lineup, do n’t give the opponent a chance to breathe . As long as you have the opportunity to push the tower, push it quickly and maximize the advantage to ensure the victory of the game.

The second set is still based on Aguduo, Aguduo + Ma Chao + Sun Bin + Yixing / Bomb Cat

This lineup is a typical horse core system. The horse core is matched with a mage with consumption ability , which can maximize Ma Chao’s harvesting ability, so that the horse core can develop as soon as possible to take over the game.

Compared with the first set, this lineup has the ability to bring the line in the later stage, and will not be constantly pulled due to the reason of the line. But there is still a big problem with the lineup, that is, Ma Chao needs a very high level of proficiency. If Ma Chao dies too many times in the early stage, it will cause this lineup to have no output, no frankness, and tower defense. question. Ma Chao’s upper limit is high, but there are too many pits, so Meng Tian Sangqi Aguduo’s flat push is relatively stable.

There are also two heroes that Ma Chao is particularly afraid of, Pangu and Charlotte, so when this lineup is taken out, you must first observe whether the opponent has a threat to Ma Chao.

When choosing a lineup at the beginning, we can start with Agudo and the shooter. After all, these two positions are very similar in the two lineups, both of which are resistant to pressure shots.

Game owner personal opinion

Both systems revolve around the top lane. What is needed is to constantly suppress the enemy, make the opponent breathless, and then end the game in one wave. Let’s try it out, Baixing is not a dream!