The best match with a touch of autumn color is the earth color!

Recently, I saw all kinds of people drying leaves on social networks, and I couldn’t help but want to go to the arms of autumn on the weekend. The color of the entire city is charming dim yellow, the air is clean and clear, and there is a faint scent of sweet-scented osmanthus.

The richest contrast to autumn is probably the earth color that can bring warmth visually. He calmly added his temperament, but also lost clarity and gentleness, as comfortable as the recent weather.

Most of those milk tea colors, caramel colors, and oatmeal colors can be classified in the earth color folder. Put together with those knitted, woolen and other materials that are often worn in autumn, the comfort is doubled, and it is very fashionable to match with a pair of jeans.

Liu Wen is an uncompromising autumn beauty, with an oatmeal trench coat and a white shirt, the whole person is lazy. With a large necklace, it is rich and stylish. Autumn is the season when you can play all kinds of stacking patterns.

The relationship between earth color and denim blue is so good that they can be placed in a large area on the upper body and can live in harmony. And the two colors are a bit precipitation, put together, have a strong retro tone.

White Deer paired with a pair of cowboy boots like this has played a new trick in retro. The combination of several western girl-feeling items deepens the style attitude and gives a full sense of atmosphere.

The sense of tolerance of the earth color is also sufficient, and some overhangs in the shape can also be well integrated. With a slightly wild chain and vest, it will not make people feel overdressed.

The sense of inclusiveness is also reflected in adding some “fashionable” attributes to the shape, and grasping it without being monotonous and rigid. There can be an echo between clothes and shoes, in short, the word freedom.

Paired with a stable and safe white, it is very “intellectual”. The short top adds fashion and makes the look even more refined.

Zhou Yutong’s outfit is even more “fashionable”. The dark earth-colored leather coat is wrapped in white trousers, which suddenly becomes soft and delicate. The tones are also too good-looking, the rhythm from the hat to the shoes is very comfortable, and it exerts an attitude of wearing aesthetics.

And the earth color is also very suitable for matching with red, one strong and one flamboyant collide well, enough for urban modern.

Of course, although the color of the earth is good, it is also a bit delicate to wear. For Asian girls with mostly yellow skin, the earth color that is too close to their skin color will appear dull. To distinguish between warm colors and skin tones like Miss Zhong, and with rich layers, it will lift a lot of energy.

Different shades of earth tones are matched together in harmony and simplicity. Coupled with good-quality knitting and soft leather materials, the overall shape is a plus point.

The blogger’s set of the same color is also an “ideal combination” of earth colors. In the formula combination of windbreaker + scarf, plus the earth color of the safety card, it is very similar to the heroine in French movies, with a full sense of literary story.

In the current fast-paced double-speed life, I always feel that the earth color system can bring a peaceful inner order. Recently, it is a good season to enjoy red leaves and step in the autumn light. Get ready to go out and play in “autumn tones”.

*Image source: Official accounts of artists and their studios/network/ins