The best health care for retirees is not nutrition, not exercise

The best health care for retirees is not to buy various nutritional supplements, nor to go crazy exercising. You only need to make a little change first, and your body will naturally stay healthy.


Are you worried that your health is getting worse and worse, so you run, walk, and exercise every day, and exercise takes up too much time in a day? Are you already sick, constantly spending money on supplements, or taking too many medicines without getting better?


In fact, there is nothing wrong with exercising, taking some supplements properly, and taking medicines in a targeted manner, but if you want to be healthy and maintain your health, the most important thing is to cultivate a good heart first, that is, to change your mentality first.


Helping parents fertilize corn

I remember a few days ago, I met an old leader who I hadn’t seen in nearly ten years. The old leader said that I was the same as before, nothing changed. As soon as the words came out, I immediately changed to say that I was younger and more energetic than before!


I know what he said was not deliberately flattering, and I myself feel that I am in a better state than before. Because, at that time, on the one hand, I was inexhaustible in my work, and I was more difficult than a cow, but it was still not good; unlike other colleagues, I had nothing every day, and I got all the benefits, just thinking about my mentality. unbalanced.


Later, my husband fell ill, and then passed away. At that time, I even had the heart to die, how could I still be in a good mood? Later, I slowly adjusted my mentality, fled from the leadership position, went to the business department to handle cases, and gradually adjusted myself.


The next step is to retire. After retirement, abandon everything in the past, whether it is achievements or regrets, stand aside, and did not choose to re-employ, but choose a different life, return to my hometown, accompany my parents to do farm work, shoot videos, read books, Wandering in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle, away from the intricate interpersonal relationships, the mentality has gradually improved.


Now that you go out during work hours, someone asks, are you not going to work today? I told them to retire. Many people don’t believe it and ask me to retire at such a young age?


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There is a question on Zhihu: “What is the best way to maintain health for contemporary people?” One of the answers is impressive: “The highest state of health preservation is to nourish the mind.”


When a person has a good mentality, it is easy to be optimistic and in a good mood. “Su Wen·Jutong Theory” says: “If you are happy, you will have a strong sense of qi and ambition, and you will be able to benefit from the battalion and the health.” This sentence tells us how important it is to maintain a good mood.


When a person is in a happy mood, not only does he have a good face, but also his qi and aspirations can be guaranteed to be smooth, so there will be no stagnation of qi, nor will it lead to illness.


In life, encountering troubles is the normal state of life. It is impossible for everyone not to encounter troubles. What should we do if we encounter troubles?


For example, you have arranged to go out with friends today, but a temporary friend said that there is an urgent and important accident and you can’t go. So, you feel restless and even scold your friends for being untrustworthy, what should you do?


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For this matter, it has actually happened, there is no way to change it, and it is beyond your control. There is also no way to control your parents, husband, weather, etc. are beyond control, only our beliefs and thoughts can be controlled.


Therefore, in our life, if we want to change our mentality, we must constantly remind ourselves of what can be controlled and what cannot be controlled.


We have to change our minds about what we cannot control. We can think that it is indeed a last resort for friends to change their plans, and if they encounter something special, they may also change their plans. If you still want to go out and play according to the original plan, tell yourself that it is not bad to go alone.


Or go home, read a book, learn a skill, listen to a song, follow a TV show, or even watch a talk show, etc. In short, express your emotions.


At the same time, we will have a sense of achievement in the process of reading, watching TV, and studying, and have a pleasant psychological experience, and the blood will be smooth.


There is a saying in “The Biography of Zhang Ailing”: “If things go against your expectations, please believe that there are other arrangements.” For some things that don’t go your way, you have to believe that there must be other arrangements.


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Anything that happens in life, its subsequent impact and development, often depends on our attitude towards it. Small things like sesame seeds, if you stare at them, will magnify infinitely in your heart, and even become a sharp blade that hurts people.


But if you relax your mind, life and death are all trivial matters, and there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome in life. Old age is not easy enough, let’s not let some negative emotions become a flood that destroys our bodies.


Take care of your good mood and maintain a healthy body, only then will you have the confidence to face the future and try your best to enjoy happiness.