The benefits of morning exercise in autumn

Fall is a great time to exercise. Participating in fitness activities often in autumn can not only adjust the heart and lungs, improve physical function, but also help enhance resistance. The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is relatively large, and the morning in autumn gives people a slightly cool feeling without being too cold, which can provide benign stimulation to the body, make the body’s thermoregulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, and help improve people’s awareness of the environment. The ability to adapt to changes and improve the function of the cardiovascular system, thereby making it easier to adapt to climate change after entering winter. At the same time, the morning exercise time is more controllable, there is nothing else to interrupt, and it is easier to focus on exercise. Morning exercise can stimulate the sympathetic nerves, not only the body is flexible, the thinking is quick, but also the blood circulation can be enhanced, which can help improve work efficiency and make people full of energy.

However, in the morning exercise in autumn, you must do a full warm-up exercise, and start exercising after the muscles enter the state of exercise. Autumn exercise should not be excessively violent. At this time, the range of motion of people’s joints is reduced, and the flexibility is weakened. Anaerobic exercise and some high-intensity strength training can easily cause physical discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended that the autumn morning exercise should be mainly endurance aerobic exercise.

In autumn, the weather is cool and the air is good. Compared with indoor sports, it is more fun to do more outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, cycling, and running in the morning. These outdoor cardio exercises will not only help you lose fat, but also relax your mind and increase your productivity. In autumn, the weather is dry, the skin loses more water, and the exercise itself perspirates, so pay attention to hydration during morning exercise. It is best not to fasten completely in the morning exercise, because the blood sugar content in the body is relatively low at this time, and morning exercise on an empty stomach can easily cause hypoglycemia. Therefore, it is best to eat some foods containing more carbohydrates before morning exercise, such as a piece of bread, a few slices of biscuits, etc., or You can drink some light salt water appropriately. Remember not to eat too much breakfast, otherwise it will cause physical discomfort during the morning exercise. You can eat 30 minutes after your morning workout.