The battlefield performance is not good. The Russian Su-34 bomber suffered more than 10% of the battle damage. What is the effect of changing to the J-16?

The Su-34 bomber is one of Russia’s most advanced fighter jets. However, its performance on the Ukrainian battlefield was somewhat underwhelming. According to statistics from foreign media, since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Including all kinds of accidental crashes, and those that were wrecked on the battlefield. Russia lost a total of 17 Su-34 bombers. However, before the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russia had only 135 Su-34 bombers in total. In other words, as of now, the battle damage of the Su-34 bomber has exceeded 10%.

It is precisely because the Su 34 performed so unsatisfactorily on the battlefield. So many people have inexplicable associations. We even questioned the actual combat power of our J-16 multi-role fighter. The reason is that in our military system, the J-16 is the most equivalent to the Su-34. And since Su 34 is on the battlefield, its performance is not very good. So what if it is replaced by the J-16?

In fact, no matter how the J-16 performs on the battlefield. Both the J-16 and Su-34 cannot be directly equated. Therefore, the poor battlefield performance of the Su-34 cannot be directly brought into the J-16. And more importantly, the Su-34 and the J-16 are two completely different aircraft from start to finish. It is a bit far-fetched to be forcibly pulled like this and put them together for comparison. And Su 34 is actually not really capable of fighting. There is no doubt about the advanced nature of this aircraft. The reason why it will be on the battlefield is not very good. In the final analysis, the Russian economy is weak, which makes the Russian Aerospace Forces too poor. So even if it is on the battlefield, it is “pulling and searching”. The Ukrainian army used this to carry out targeted strikes. In this case, can it not lose a lot of money?

For us, there is no such trouble. After all, based on our current economic size, as long as it can be solved with money, it is not a problem. Coupled with the Su-34 and J-16, there are still huge differences. Although the two are often compared, in fact the two aircraft are not the same type at all. Like the Su-34 is a tactical bomber, but our J-16 is a multi-role fighter. So from a positioning point of view, our J-16 is a high-end version of the Su-30.

In fact, when we developed and manufactured the J-16, we positioned it as a standard multi-role fighter. This will allow you to perform air combat missions. It can also be used to perform ground bombing missions. It can even mount ultra-long-range air-to-air missiles with a range far exceeding 400km. Go for targeted hunting, the enemy’s early warning aircraft. Therefore, our J-16 can really be called an all-round aircraft. Therefore, it is completely different from Su 34, a very specialized relic of ancient thinking. The two cannot be compared at all. Not to mention, the performance of the Su-34 on the battlefield was forcibly put on the J-16. Because the two sides are fundamentally incomparable.