The battle of golden shovels: the idea of ​​​​a thousand-point king of national clothes is improved, and one picture is easy to master!

Foreword: Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Hai. The new version has been optimized for a few days, so what lineup will the new version use? Today, Xiaohi has tested the new version of the lineup for everyone in the past two days:

At present , the master has 900 points , mainly testing the new version of the game environment, the new version does not know which lineup is strong, this picture is directly taken away, and it is easy to enter the master:

The update and optimization of the new version is mainly aimed at the small weakening of the operation lineup, which has led to the explosion of the current version of the D fee card gameplay . Karma, Seti, Yone, Ezreal, etc. are all good ideas for improvement. Then let Xiaohi recommend the popular lineup of the version to everyone~

Ao Xing

Mana: 0/175 ⇒ 0/190

Ability Damage: 160/275/2000 ⇒ 185/300/2000


Ability Damage: 80/150/500 ⇒ 80/150/1500

Ability Stun Duration: 1.25s ⇒ 1.25/1.25/ 10s


Health: 1200 ⇒ 1050

[Earthquake] Damage Armor and MR Ratio: 150/200/4000% ⇒ 150/200/2500%

Lineup Analysis: The lineup of the Four Dragon Gods has been greatly weakened in the current version. In the previous versions, the transition ability of the astral world has been weakened, and now the strength of Ao Xing and Terra has been weakened, especially the maximum mana of Ao Xing has been weakened. Makes Aoxing start 1-2 seconds slower than before.

Lineup Advancement: Silong Aoxing is still the T0 lineup of the version, but the difficulty lies in the transition, and 2 stars for all members is still the ceiling of combat power!

Dragon enhancement: upgrade, high-end shopping, post-expert, chaotic mind, clear mind

Lineup Strength: T0

Lineup analysis: Secondly, although Ao Xing has weakened the maximum mana value, under normal circumstances, he only needs a lot of level A2 to release his skills. For Adventure Aoxing, high attack speed at the start is the key, and the starting ability will be much greater than that of Silong Aoxing. At the same time, the enhancement of Aoxing’s skill damage is undoubtedly a great improvement in the adventure system.

Lineup Strength: T0.5

Jade Dragon

[Jade Carving] Attack Speed ​​Bonus: 10/30/55/88% ⇒ 10/ 22/ 55/88%

Shi Aoyu

Percentage Damage Reduction of Skills: 20/25/50% ⇒ 20/25 /40%


Mana: 90/160 ⇒ 100/170

Lineup Analysis: The Yulong Saifen system mainly weakens the attack speed bonus of 5 Yulong and the activation of Saifen’s skills. These two nerfs are not particularly important. The most important thing is the change of the current version of the game environment. The rise of the D-card lineup makes it difficult for Yulong Saifen to transition in the mid-term.

Secondly, because of the weakening of Yulong Saifen, the current version is not very many peers, and the exclusive can basically be in the top four. But if you want to eat chicken, you need to look at the strengthening of the dragon and the quality of the later stage.

Lineup Strength: T1


Ability Damage: 210/280/420 ⇒ 210/280/400


Ability projectile damage: 40/60/85 ⇒ 40/60/90

Venerable Dragon

Bonus Ability Power : 20/35/50/70 ⇒ 25/40/50/70

Lineup analysis: Shenlong Karma has weakened the 3-star skill damage, but this time the weakening is only 20 points of skill damage, the impact is not particularly large, and it is still a popular top lineup in the version.

Karma’s gameplay ideas are mainly divided into two types, namely the front row position and the back row position. This is mainly to see if there are two enhancements: hunting rhythm and axiom arc. If there is hunting rhythm, you can consider being beaten in the front row, and the blue tyrant server and the axiom arc start are more explosive.

Lineup Advancement: Play Karma’s Suggested Gloves to start.

Lineup strength: T0.5-T1 (depending on the number of 3 stars in the lineup)


Ability Damage: 70/100/185 ⇒ 70/100/205


Ability Percentage Max Health Damage: 5/6/7% ⇒ 10/12/18%

Lineup Analysis: The strength of Kai’Sa’s lineup is not the strengthening of Kai’Sa and Shenlong, but the increase in the overall strength of Nasus and Zac’s lineup. The lineup has very high requirements for the operation rhythm. Secondly, there are two lineups of Axiom Arc and No. Axiom Arc can guarantee Kai’Sa’s infinite skills, so Axiom Arc is a direct rush at the beginning!

Lineup Advancement: The Tears of the Goddess starts, and priority is given to the Blue Dome server in the early stage

Lineup strength: Shovel T1-T1.5, Genting T0.5-T1

Kai’Sa is a 2-cost card, and most lineups are 2-cost cards. The card search rhythm generally belongs to the two nodes of 3-2 and 4-1. And there are too many 1-cost card lineups started by Shovel 3-1. Without 3-star Kai’Sa, it is impossible to lock blood in stages 3 and 4.

Lineup Analysis: 4 The strengthening of Shenlong greatly improves Li Qing’s transition ability in the mid-term. The 3-star Li Qing is basically the configuration of eating chicken, and the 8 Shenlong is also the first choice for the top score. Like other Shenlong system lineups, there are Axiom Arc and Eye of the Storm that can be directly opened.

Lineup Strength: T0.5-T1

Lineup Analysis: The Volibear system should be regarded as a unique existence in the Shenlong lineup. Volibear does not have high requirements for the enhancement of popular dragons such as Axiom Arc, and more needs to be strengthened such as Inspiration and Hunting Rhythm.

The appearance rate of the Volibear system is not particularly high, mainly because there is no demigod bond in the previous version. But if there is a 2-star Volibear at the beginning, you can start the charge directly!

Lineup Strength: T1-T1.5

Wraith Pterodactyl

Attack Speed: 50/100/150/250% ⇒ 50/100/150/ 275%

Versatile Lifesteal: 15/30/45/75% ⇒ 15/30/45/ 85%

Lineup Analysis: The current version has strengthened the attack speed of 8 Furious Wings and the all-around lifesteal, which is a good enhancement for Furious Wing Sett.

Seti wants to stably pull 8 people to find Shyvana. The core is to open 3 golden dragons in the early stage. The golden dragons are equipped with three pieces of equipment: Draven’s Axe, Speculator’s Blade, and Gold Master’s Staff, which are basically very stable. .

Lineup Strength: T1-T1.5

Lineup Analysis: The start is color enhancement, so congratulations on this score. Get the color scope, please be calm! Selling blood in the early stage to make Guinsuo’s Furious Blade , this equipment must be done, which is the key to Yone’s winning streak in the 2nd and 3rd stages.

Lineup analysis: If you get the golden shovel at the beginning, then the shooter Yone is also a good choice. The strength of shooter Yone will be higher than that of aiming Yone. The core is the attack speed bonus of high shooters, while aiming at Yone weakens the attack speed bonus by 10%, but it will be more difficult to obtain high attack speed.


Crit Chance: 20/40/75% ⇒ 20/ 50 /75%


Ability Damage: 85/120/600 ⇒ 90/130/600


Mana: 60/120 ⇒ 70/140

Ability Attack Damage Bonus: 255/265/275% ⇒ 240/ 245 /275%

Lineup analysis: Assassin and Swain are strengthened, Rengar’s damage is weakened. Generally speaking, the traditional Dark Spirit 4 thorns are weakened, but the strength of 3-star Rengar has not changed much. There are good things to start in pairs, you can rush directly!

Lineup Strength: T1

Lineup Analysis: Compared with the traditional Dark Spirit Assassin, Dark Star Swain’s strength is much higher, thanks to Swain’s strengthening, basically it is relatively simple for all members to earn 2 stars. If you want to eat chicken, you need to chase down 3-star Rengar.

Lineup Strength: T1.5


[Fireball!] damage: 210/300/480 ⇒ 190/270/420

Nomshi (Magister)

[Lulu] [Whimsy] Attack Speed ​​Buff: 30/40/60% ⇒ 40/50/70%

Nomshi (Assault Gunner)

[Tristana] Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75

[Normsh] bonus attack damage from being friends with [Tristana]: 30/45/70 ⇒ 35/50/80

Lineup Analysis: The damage of Nomshi’s skills has been reduced at all levels, which is mainly aimed at Mage Nomshi, and the strength of the Seven Fa Nomshi has decreased. Moreover, the rise of the D-card stream lineup also made the transition of Nomsh not easy. However, the strength of the 3-star Nomsh is still there, and the exclusive Pandora’s preparation seat can be directly opened.


Skill damage: 70/100/185→70/100/ 205


Skill damage: 200/275/375→200/275 /415


Ability Percentage Max Health Damage: 5/6/7% → 10/12/18%


Shield max health percentage: 25/40/70/125% → 25/40/ 80/130%

Lineup analysis: The new version of Ezreal’s 3-star skill damage has increased by nearly 40 points, and the percentage of Zac’s skill’s maximum health damage has also doubled. But the lineup limit of one fee card is still here. If you want to eat chicken, you must switch to the four-dragon Aoxing system in the later stage. Pure escort EZ can’t eat it!

Lineup Strength: T1-T1.5

Lineup Analysis: Going around, the major lineups have been weakened again, and the risky Nuxia, which has been weakened in the previous version, has become the answer to the new version. Xiaohi tested two games in the King’s game, and they were both stably eaten by the opponent’s risky Nuxia.

The current version of Xia’s equipment is not the key, but the sturdiness of the front row is the key. Xia only needs a Guinsuo’s Berserk Blade to form, and other equipment can be combined arbitrarily.

Lineup Strength: T1