The battle for GaN dominance is heating up, and the American EPC sues the domestic leader Innosec

According to news from IT House on May 27, EPC, a US GaN technology manufacturer, recently filed a lawsuit with the California District Court and the ITC, claiming that Innosec, the leading domestic GaN chip, infringed four of EPC’s patents , and sought a sales ban and infringement compensation.

▲ Source: InnoSeco

IT Home saw in the indictment that EPC targeted two executives who had worked for the company. EPC believes that shortly after its chief technology officer and sales director joined InnoSeco, InnoSeco launched a product with almost the same key performance indicators as EPC. In addition, Innosec launched an aggressive marketing campaign to actively market its products to EPC’s customers.

EPC seeks compensation for infringement and hopes to prohibit Innosec from selling infringing gallium nitride products in the United States. Industry insiders pointed out that if EPC finally wins the lawsuit, Innosec and other GaN companies will have to change their strategies for entering the international market.

Founded in December 2015, Innosec is a GaN device manufacturer headquartered in Zhuhai. Its products include high and low voltage GaN power ICs, power semiconductors, etc. It has the world’s largest production base of 8-inch silicon-based GaN wafers .