The apprenticeship system of Qiannv mobile game is iteratively updated, and the collection plan for mentoring and apprenticeships is set sail simultaneously!

The whole server iteration of the mentoring system in October! Newly added a lot of mentoring activities and rules: the personality tag function is online, matching with more destined ta; the mentoring training plan is upgraded, and you can get rich rewards faster; at the same time, a new mentoring Group chat, gifts and more. In addition, the collection of master-apprentice stories is hot, and exquisite gifts are waiting for you to win! Share the unforgettable stories you and your master or apprentice left behind in the Three Realms!

The Golden Autumn Doujin Creation Project Sets Off
[Accumulate peaches and plums to upgrade the level, carry forward the glory of the division]

In October, the full server iteration of the mentoring system, you can benefit a lot from meeting a good mentor in the Three Realms, and accepting a stubborn apprentice can also add to the fun. Each master can accept 4 apprentices at the same time. Apprentices of different grades evaluate the master when they are upgraded, apprentices of different grades are apprentices, and apprentices are apprentices as outstanding disciples, which can increase the prestige of the master, which is the peach and plum value. The peach and plum value can upgrade the level of the teacher! But it will decline at the beginning of each month. The higher the level of the teacher, the more the decline. There are 5 grades in the division, which are [The First Opening of Xingtan], [Abundant Talents], [Peach and Plum Garden], [Zhilan Shenghui], and [Spring Breeze Helps the World]. The grade of the teacher will also be displayed on the personal family tree, so that the reputation of your peach and plum garden will spread throughout the server!

The division can accept four apprentices at the same time

The grade of the teacher shows the reputation
[Personalized label function is launched, and the mentoring and apprentice training plan is upgraded]

You can add personalized labels when you are looking for a teacher and accepting an apprentice. After the purchase is completed, you can get to know the master or apprentice who has a predestined relationship with you through the system, and make an appointment to accompany you! The old master has carefully formulated a new training plan and improved the original master-apprentice training manual. It is easier to cultivate the friendship between the master and the apprentice and win the apprenticeship award! You can use the manual or find the old master in Jinling, you can open a new interface and easily check the mentoring matters.

Personality Tag Matching Mentor and Apprentice
The new mentoring program consists of three parts: training program, weekly homework, and respect for teachers. [Cultivation Plan] 4 new stages have been optimized, and many interesting tasks have been added; [Weekly Homework] 4 weekly tasks will be listed. When the tasks are completed, both teachers and apprentices can receive corresponding rewards! [Respect for teachers] You can let the apprentice complete the task for the master. After completing the task, you can get affection value, which can be exchanged for rich props such as roses and Bodhi. Friends, call on the master or apprentice to experience it together!

Mentoring program upgrade
[Mentor-apprentice group chats open their hearts and warm up the friendship with the gift of apprenticeship]

At the same time, functions such as mentoring group chat and gift giving have also been added. Master can create a group chat in the teacher’s door, and chat freely with the teacher’s door! You can also give gifts during the festive season to make the teacher-disciple more harmonious. In addition, the master can prepare a graduation ceremony carefully selected by the old master for the apprentice, and the apprentice can also get the apprenticeship commemorative props to remember the teacher’s kindness. The list of matters related to the teacher’s door records the information of when the apprentices were apprentices and when they left the apprenticeship.

Can prepare apprentices for apprenticeship ceremony

Master can write messages in the directory
[The collection of master and apprentice stories, the creation plan of Jinqiu colleagues set sail]

The collection of master-apprentice stories is open! Join hands to accompany the three realms to travel, and the friends must have also gained precious mentoring and apprenticeship! Do you still remember the stories that happened between you and your master/apprentice, and share your stories with your friends! The event is over Afterwards, the official will select the top 6 creators to send exquisite peripheral gifts, and excellent creators will also have the opportunity to be invited to become resident members of the fan creation group! Turn interest into output, and you can also get cash incentives, share yours quickly Unforgettable memories of teachers and students~

How to Participate in the Collection of Mentoring Stories

Exquisite prizes are waiting for you to win
[About “A Chinese Ghost Story” mobile game]

A new generation of national mobile game “A Chinese Ghost Story” is the official mobile game of the “New Chinese Ghost Story” terminal game. It has a terminal game-level aesthetic style and character design, and inherits the classic gameplay! Inherit the traditional culture. The Three Realms are not old, we are not separated! A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game wedding system is beautifully iterated, and the romance of the new Sansheng Lake is coming!

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