The anniversary skin broke the news, Guiguzi showed his face for the first time, but the Diaochan player was scolded

Just recently, the official Glory of Kings finally stopped hiding, and broke the news that the Guiguzi “Five Grains Harvest Year” skin has been hidden. As a skin launched to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the game’s operation, “Five Grains Harvest Year” continues the high-quality features of previous years’ anniversary skins, and the design drafts, original paintings and modeling are all very beautiful. In particular, its design draft, once it was released, made the audience look forward to it.

As the designer of this skin, Kwai Kwai Kwai Tangzi has designed classic skins such as “Diao Chan-Meet Hu Xuan”, “Da Qiao-Bai Heliang Goddess”, “Wang Zhaojun-Phoenix Yu Fei”, and this time The “Five Grains Harvest Year” also incorporates different elements while maintaining the heroic characteristics, allowing everyone to see a brand new Guiguzi.

In this skin design, Guiguzi took off his mysterious mask for the first time to show his true face. The face under the mask, although not as tough and handsome as those popular handsome heroes, but also revealed tenderness in childishness. Especially the presentation in CG, coupled with the story specially written for him, highlights his invaluable temperament.

In the official introduction, it also explained the original intention of the skin design of this Guiguzi. Just like the name of this skin, “Five Grains Harvest Years” symbolizes the meaning of sowing hope and experiencing a bumper harvest. Sowing in spring and harvesting in autumn is rooted in the countryside and has a very good meaning. In addition, this skin is not a direct-sale skin, but can be owned by participating in an event, which is equivalent to getting it for free, so it is also well received among players.

So why are Diaochan players scolded after Guiguzi released such an excellent skin? It turns out that this is because under the official release of articles related to this skin, in addition to players feeling emotional and looking forward to the upper limit of this skin, many players want to know the details of this skin.

It’s just that these curious voices were all suppressed by the comments that urged Diaochan to optimize the skin of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although in the past, these players who urged optimization often appeared in the official comment area, but this time their urging was really out of time, which naturally aroused the disgust of many players. Especially as a Guiguzi player who hasn’t obtained a skin for many years, he doesn’t want to be robbed of his limelight by Diaochan players, and the contradiction between the two arises.

personal opinion:

But in fact, people’s aesthetics are diverse, and everyone has different preferences. As long as the quality of a skin passes the test, it matches his pricing, and makes people feel cost-effective, there is no need to forcefully rely on public opinion to kidnap the officials to modify them for their own ideas. Prior to this, there were still many skins that were modified, but they caused another part of the player’s disgust, which can also explain the truth.