The ancient spearmint, once a spice that could be exchanged for money


English name: Spearmint

Latin name: Mentha spicata

Plant family: Mint

Extraction part: leaves

Extraction method: Distillation method

Main Origin: Native to Southern Europe

Efficacy: cool and relieve summer heat, refresh the mind, relieve nasal congestion

Keywords: cool, fresh, refreshing, sweet

Speaking of mint, everyone is very familiar with it, but when it comes to green mint, you may ask, are there so many varieties of mint?

Yes, there are many varieties of mint, but the more familiar ones are peppermint (mint) and spearmint.

Today, let’s talk about spearmint.

The story of spearmint

Mint is a relatively ancient plant, it is the father of peppermint, mint mentioned in classic ancient books mostly refers to green mint.

Matthew 23:23 mentions that the Pharisees paid their taxes on spices such as mint, fennel, and celery, and mint refers to spearmint. So in that era, the spice was equivalent to the currency, and it was also seen that mint was also a very popular spice at that time.

The “SPEAR” in the English name of spearmint comes from its sharp leaf tips. The ancient Greeks used spearmint as a fragrant tonic and used it abundantly in bath water.

After the Romans introduced it to England, it was mainly used by the locals to prevent milk from turning sour and curdling. But by the Middle Ages spearmint had become a staple of oral hygiene, used to treat sore gums and whiten teeth, as well as spread on the ground to keep rodents away and keep healthy.

green mint scent

Spearmint smells like Green Arrow chewing gum, and some say it’s like spearmint toothpaste used as a child.

It’s not that spearmint tastes like chewing gum or toothpaste, but that these products all use spearmint as an ingredient.

Spearmint has a fresh, refreshing and sweet aroma. It is an older variety. The scientific name is spearmint, a plant that has been used for hundreds of years for its beneficial ingredients and pleasant fragrance. Has a long history, even the father of peppermint.

Its sexual taste is similar to mint, but it is softer and suitable for children and women.

In addition to its fresh and recognizable scent, spearmint has a very wide range of impressive effects: it combines cerebral and cooling properties with the balancing energy of sesquibaric.

It can make people rest quietly and tastefully, and keep people in a relaxed and concentrated state at any time. It is not as strong as peppermint, which is more suitable for creative use and keeps people inspired.

Difference Between Spearmint and Peppermint

In terms of plant appearance: the stems of green mint are longer, hairless on the top, darker in color, with grooves and stripes on the top; while the stems of peppermint are shorter, with grooves, and many pubescent hairs, more branches, and more color. shallow.

On the leaves: The leaves of green mint are oval oblong or lanceolate; peppermint leaves are oblong-lanceolate.

On flowers: Spearmint flowers are purple and white, mint is lilac.

Smell: The spearmint smell is fresh, and the sensory experience is more comfortable for external application, incense, cooking, deodorization, etc. Peppermint is strong, has a certain stimulation, and is better in conditioning various diseases.

Efficacy: Spearmint is calming and invigorating. It has a milder aroma than peppermint. Spearmint is relaxing, calming and invigorating, while peppermint is stimulating, exciting, and life-changing. sprightly.

In addition, peppermint has strong earthy energy and good liver nourishing effect.

The role of green mint

psychological level

Spearmint can be used to energize tired minds, open knots, bring balance, boost positive emotions, promote calmness, increase focus and positive energy!

body level

Spearmint helps with digestive problems such as vomiting, gas, constipation and diarrhea. Helps reduce travel fatigue and some symptoms of motion sickness. Overall, spearmint is a tonic for the digestive organs and can stimulate appetite.

Spearmint essential oil also has some effects on the reproductive system, such as relieving breast engorgement and firmness, it can also improve the phenomenon of excessive menstrual blood and leucorrhea. During production, it also has the effect of midwifery.

In addition, spearmint oil is also beneficial for headaches, fresh breath, and relieves sore gums.

skin level

Spearmint is not suitable for whole body application, but when the skin is itchy, you can dilute spearmint essential oil and apply it, which can effectively inhibit the itching of the skin, and also help with sores and scabs on the skin.