The amazing “3-minute rule” widens the gap between people! 丨Recommendation number

When speaking, think about it for three minutes before you speak, so as not to hurt people without knowing it.

What you want to do, start in 3 minutes What you want to do is best done in 3 minutes, otherwise you will keep procrastinating and even giving up.

3 minutes in advance of everything, everything will be established in advance, if not, it will be abandoned.

Essence Digest

ID: jingsuiwenzhai

Recommended reason: People with minimalist spirit understand the truth of the shortness of life, know how to simplify the complex, understand, choose, and focus on the spiritual activities that they really want to engage in, and do not blindly waste their time and energy. They have no intention of resisting the dullness and poverty of the world, but just want to enjoy the prosperity and abundance in their hearts. “Essential Digest” covers life philosophy, workplace wisdom, educational experience, emotional literature , and provides you with a thoughtful nutritional package every day.

New Weekly

ID: new-weekly

Reasons for recommendation: Tracking of hot current affairs, analysis of regional culture, lifestyle research, local aesthetic excavation… For more than 20 years, from personal life to social situations, from film and television reviews to reading situation , New Weekly has been faithfully recording the body temperature of the times , looking for your common pain points, laughter points, tears points. Pay attention to the new weekly WeChat public account, we will live with you with an attitude.

First Financial

ID: cbn-yicai

Recommended reason: On December 31, 2019, Yicai exclusively publicly reported the occurrence of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, which aroused attention. The team of reporters went deep into the front line, directly attacked the scene, uncovered the truth, and assumed the social responsibility as a media.

As a financial media, Yicai has become a platform for millions of investors to receive financial information.

The investment “Xiaobai” who is first involved in the investment field can successfully “get started” by learning investment knowledge related to the stock market, funds, bonds, currencies , etc.;

And senior marketers can also get the latest and fastest industry information and market trends here.

natural history

ID: bowuzazhi

Recommended reason: What are the flowers in the flower bed downstairs called? How do the chirping insects by the window in summer night make sounds? Are superfoods like quinoa and avocado really nutritious? Is “getting hot” a false proposition? What is the origin of the Baijia surname? Can the seeds in dragon fruit be potted? How to get rid of cockroaches at home? …

Everything you want to know, you can find the answer here.

“Natural History” magazine, with the most popular perspective and the most down-to-earth way, tells you about the food from the four directions, flowers, plants, fish and insects, and the situation.

Most Chinese

ID: wcweekly

Recommended reason: One of the most influential international cultural new media in Chinese network. For 4 consecutive years, he has been rated as the top 500 WeChat in China and the top 20 in the education category in the new list; the content covers the entire network , and he is a high-quality creator on platforms such as Toutiao International Channel, Yidian Information Culture Channel, and UC Big Fish International Field; Baidu Encyclopedia Professional Certification user.

Every night at 8:00, record the light of the Chinese.

After paying attention, reply to “International”, “People”, “Education” hundreds of popular articles have been packaged for you.

Universal Science

ID: huanqiukexue

Recommended reason: Always bombarded by “pseudoscience” forwarded by others? When chatting, you can’t find a high-level topic? Want to improve your scientific literacy and keep up with the frontiers of science? Time to read some real science!

Founded in 1845, Scientific American has become a world-renowned popular science bible. As the official WeChat account of the Chinese version of Scientific American, Global Science, we insist on reporting major global scientific progress as soon as possible and continue to track the scientific community. The big event, and do not forget to always pay attention to the science around you and me:

Why do mysterious “giant holes” appear one after another in the Arctic Circle ? Why is our brain willing to believe that there are “ghosts” ? Here, we explain mysterious phenomena in the spirit of science.

After observing the “donkey” digging wells for 9 years , these scientists reached the pinnacle of their lives; after their death, the ashes of these rich people were turned into “diamonds” … Here, the world is full of wonders.

Every “night” you boil makes you more stupid; every drop of “wine” you drink is endangering your health. Life isn’t easy, but at least we’ll show you how to avoid it.

Follow Universal Science, reply to the keywords in parentheses , sit in the front row, and be a melon eater in the scientific community!

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People ‘s Daily Online

ID: peoplekpzg

Recommended reason: The most down-to-earth popular science account in the entire universe! It can not only keep up with hotspots and bring you fresh information from all over the world, but also be rigorous and interesting, unlocking a lot of encyclopedia knowledge for you. The unknown truth of life, the vivid and mysterious world, pay attention to me, and the journey of popular science will start immediately!


A “giant worm” was found in the woman’s body, and one-third of her liver was eaten! Follow and reply to “giant bug” to view


Although inconspicuous, the venom can be deadly! Don’t touch it when you encounter it! Follow and reply to “Venom” to view


Beijing News Commentary

ID: xjb-pl

Recommended reason: The times are turbulent, and the original intention is always the same. For 18 years, the Beijing News commentary has never been absent from major current affairs. Standing in Beijing and Huaiyuan, active, steady and insightful.

Here, read the overtones of the news; here, understand the changing stars of the times.