The 87-year-old grandfather in the eyes of the 24-year-old girl: the old man also has fashion pursuits

Reporter | Zhang Qin

On the evening of October 27, Ms. Hu shared a daily routine between herself and her 87-year-old grandfather in the circle of friends, “Recently, I have a tacit partner who has been exchanging opinions on dressing for a long time, my grandfather who was born in the 1930s. “

After breakfast every morning, the grandfather and grandson will discuss the day’s outfit together. “Grandpa will ask me if he has a hunchback, and I will ask him if the color looks good.”

Ms. Hu likes to watch bloggers and Korean dramas when she dresses, considering what is trendy and how to show her figure. Grandpa wears clothes to see which one is comfortable, warm, and looks good, and who gave which one… “Grandpa actually bought a lot of clothes from his family, and it has been a long time, but grandpa has a good memory, who bought which one? He remembers it all.”

In Ms. Hu’s view, beauty is not the patent of young people. The fashion philosophy of the elderly runs through the love of life and the unpretentious and down-to-earth attitude of doing things.

87-year-old grandfather’s fashion pursuit:

Is there a hunchback?

Will it look bulky?

Ms. Hu is 24 years old this year. She was brought up by her grandfather when she was a child. She had previously worked outside for two years and returned to her hometown of Changde this year. “It may be that we have been together for a long time, and I have a tacit understanding with my grandfather on many things, including the matter of dressing.”

One morning, as usual, my grandfather took two sets of clothes that were similar in style to Ms. Hu and asked her which was brighter. “Both sets are black fabric jackets and gray jeans. Some clothes will shine due to friction after wearing them for a long time. I touched the fabric and chose the one that didn’t shine very much.” My grandfather agreed with her suggestion. He nodded and said, “This set looks a little newer and more complex.”

After my grandfather changed his clothes, he came to the living room to ask if the clothes would look hunchbacked. In Ms. Hu’s memory, my grandfather’s back became more and more curved as the years went by. When he came home from college for vacation, he was still a head taller than her. When he returned home after two years of working, he was no longer She is tall. But in Ms. Hu’s heart, her grandfather was in high spirits, and the hunchback did not affect his handsomeness at all. “It’s not a hunch or a hunch, it’s very handsome.” Ms. Hu replied to her grandfather.

At this time, my grandfather was still a little entangled, “The weather forecast said that it will be cooler today, and it may rain. Do I have to add a bahuaer (referring to a small vest)? However, after wearing too much clothes, it looks swollen and dripping, no How beautiful.”

Looking at her grandfather who was struggling with what to wear, Ms. Hu suddenly discovered that this 87-year-old man, who she always thought was “wearing what to wear”, also had her own pursuit of fashion.

Grandpa’s clothes are like opening a blind box

But every one of them is impressive and makes the best use of it

A few years ago, Ms. Hu liked to play blind box games, and even bought a blind bag worth more than 1,000 clothes. When she got home, she found that the clothes were really pretty, but they were only suitable for tall and thin people. “I wear them like a short winter melon. Because the clothes are expensive, I can’t bear to throw them away, so I have to put them away.”

In Ms. Hu’s view, to a certain extent, most of my grandpa’s clothes seemed to be obtained from a blind box, “because most of them were given by others, and the style and color were not up to him. However, my grandfather didn’t care about this. All kinds of details, his requirements for clothes are only comfort, warmth, and spirit, and one more thing, it would be better if there are stories worth remembering.”

When the weather turns cooler, my grandfather’s clothes are often layered and repeated. I remember when it was just the beginning of autumn, my grandfather wore a three-piece suit, a black and gray jacket, a sky blue shirt, a gray thin autumn coat, and a pair of gray cloth trousers. “Grandpa said that the pants were made by my mother who took him to pull the cloth, the coat was brought to him by my aunt when she went to Shanghai a few years ago, and the shirt was from my nephew. The autumn clothes were made by my mother twenty years ago. When my cousin and I went to Guangdong to find the third aunt, the third aunt bought it for him. I really admire his memory. “

Clothes bought by others are inevitably a little ill-fitting. Once my grandfather was wearing a brand new pair of dark blue jeans and asked Ms. Hu if the pants were too big. After Ms. Hu’s answer was a bit long, my grandfather sat on the sofa and rolled out the trousers, revealing a circle of white denim. He looked left and right, feeling dissatisfied, he pulled the trousers off and rolled them inward. For clothes that can’t be worn, my grandfather will use it as a fire blanket, or for other purposes. “I remember when I was a kid, he used old fabric to make clothes for my Barbie dolls.”

My grandfather’s fashion book seems to be not only the comfort of “wearing what to wear”, but also the steadfastness and reliability of comfort, warmth and spirit. “Just like he usually teaches me to be a person and do things, on the next rainy day, he may still struggle whether or not to wear ‘ba Flowers’, but he also made sure to keep himself from looking bloated and hunchbacked.”

(Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News)