The 7th Anniversary of the Glory of Kings Mystery Store will be launched, and how to give away Guiguzi anniversary skins

Hello everyone, when will the Glory of Kings Mystery Store open, and the time of the 7th Anniversary Mystery Store. The 7th Anniversary of Glory of Kings event has already started, and the mysterious store will be launched on the 7th anniversary, so this store will open when it is mysterious. I believe many friends can’t wait to know. The following editor will share with you the specific opening of the mysterious store of Glory of Kings. time, let’s take a look.

King glory 7th anniversary mystery store time

The mystery store is open for a limited time, and skins such as Hou Yi-Golden Sagittarius, Sun Shangxiang-Lovers of Time and other skins are added for the first time! Come and draw your exclusive discount!

Event time: October 29th 00:00-November 11th 23:59

How to give away the Guiguzi anniversary skin of the glory of the king, and share the detailed steps. The Guiguzi 7th anniversary skin of the King of Glory has been launched. This year’s anniversary skin has added a new acquisition method, which can be obtained as a gift from friends. So what is the specific gift method? Let’s take a look at the detailed gift method. Bar.

King glory Guiguzi anniversary skin how to gift

1. The Guiguzi 7th anniversary skin of the King of Glory has been launched, and you can get it for free by participating in activities and completing tasks. At the same time, there is a very simple and fast way to get it, that is, you can get it as a gift from friends. After the gift, both people can get the skin.

2. First of all, if the player needs to meet the additional task threshold, a redemption code can be generated, and the redemption code can be used as a gift for friends to directly exchange the Guiguzi-Wugu Harenian skin;

3. It should be noted that the redemption code can only be generated on the day of [October 29], please participate in the event in time.

4. Players who have received the redemption code can click [Gift – Redeem Skin] in the upper right corner of the main interface to enter the redemption code, and will directly receive the reward of the 7th anniversary limited skin;

5. The redeemable time lasts until the end of the event, please redeem the player who received the redemption code in time.

The use of redemption codes is subject to the following restrictions:

1. Different characters under the same account cannot receive gifts from each other

2. Only 1 character under the same account can directly exchange skins by means of gifts, and the rest of the characters need to accumulate maturity to unlock the skins

3. The same character can only get one skin, that is, players who have unlocked the skin through the accumulated maturity method can no longer use the redemption code

4. The same redemption code can only be redeemed once, that is, the redemption code that has been used by other players will become invalid immediately

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