The 7th Anniversary of Glory of Kings QQ event is open, the glory crystals are free, and there are epic skins

Hello everyone, it has been more than seven years since the public beta of Glory of Kings, and it is now in the S29 season. I believe everyone is very familiar with this game. We all know that the official will update a lot of welfare activities for the anniversary every year, and as the seventh anniversary is approaching, the official has also launched a lot of welfare activities one after another, and recently, the mobile QQ area has been newly launched. An event, as well as benefits such as Glory Crystal and Cash QB can be claimed. Let’s take a look at the situation.

This event is exclusive to the mobile QQ area, and is not available in the WX area for the time being. The activity path is: Lobby-Activity-Recommendation-Free draw activity, and then click to go immediately to see it. From the activity introduction, we can see that the rewards also include glory crystals, QB red envelopes, and peripherals, etc. .

There are seven events in total, but the rewards from the exchange shop and wishing pool are the ones that get the most attention, so we won’t explain the other events one by one.

In the exchange shop, there are small rewards such as Xingsha (collect 200 pieces of Guiguzi’s 7th anniversary skin and harvest the harvest), red envelope covers, avatar pendants, chat bubbles and other small rewards, as well as two heroes: Yun Ying and Sikong Zhen , these two heroes need 20 wish cards. In addition, there are a total of six skins, namely: Yao’s Sen, Diao Chan’s Exotic Dancer, Zhuge Liang’s Power of Control, Miyamoto Musashi’s Future Era, Bai Qi’s Starry Night Prince, and Sun Shangxiang’s Fruit Sweetheart. As long as we have enough wishing cards and there are still skins left, we can exchange them directly.

In the Wishing Pool, there are also six luxurious awards, namely: Glory Crystal, Limited Edition Tennis Racket, Xiang Yu’s Light of the Firmament, Legendary Skin Fund, Epic Skin Fund, and 5QB. However, it should be noted that these rewards, although the consumption of wishing cards is not much, but the rewards are relatively small, especially the glory crystal, only 10 copies, and as of now, 171,000 people have made wishes, I don’t know which ten will be the final Ou Huang can get it.

The reward has been said, how to get the wishing card? Let’s take a look together. The first is the daily task. Team up to open a black game, push a defense tower, and log in to the game, and you can get a wishing card. You can get three cards on the first day, and triple the number on the second and third days. Get nine. In addition, after binding the character, we can also get a wishing card.

In addition, in the welfare activities, we can get 12 cards, including Wang Zhaojun’s voice of the sky and inviting three friends to participate in the event, we can get three cards, and we can only get one for other tasks, so the total adds up , we can get 34 wishing cards.

It is worth noting that in the exchange store, skins are limited, so friends who want to exchange skins must be fast, otherwise they will miss their favorite skins after they are exchanged . By the way, guys, what do you think about this event? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!