The 7th Anniversary Celebration of “The Shore of the Earth” has started with a strong start, and participating in the event on the Dashen APP will win many gifts!

Recalling the past, the glorious years have passed for several years; looking at the present, the fireworks of the thirteen states are celebrating together. Time has flown by like an arrow, and the lead soil has been with the lords for seven years, and now it is the day of the celebration.

In order to thank the vast number of players for their consistent love for “Zhitu Shore” over the past seven years, Dashen has specially prepared many exciting activities and benefits, and invites the master to enjoy them here and celebrate the birthday of Litu.

The new version of “Unbounded” is coming

Accompanying for seven years, the land of the land has been constantly exploring the boundaries of Eastern war strategy games. On the occasion of this celebration, the annual version of “Boundless Land” has also been launched, which will bring a brand new gaming experience to the protagonists.

After the update of this version, there are not only new camps with “Han, Wei, Shu, Wu, and Qun” forces, but also a new vision, a strategic visual mode that is more than 20 times that of ordinary perspectives to quickly clarify land ownership and cities. Important information such as facilities and weather effects will bring players a different experience. Not only that, in order to restore a more realistic ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, “The Shore of the Land” also brings a new strategic factor – morale, which tests the configuration and matching of the players’ generals and tactics to enrich the gameplay experience.

Meet with the Great God to relive the history of the Three Kingdoms and win many gifts

From now until November 2nd, log in to the Dashen APP, enter the “Leading Earth Shore” circle to participate in the anniversary activities, relive the history of the Three Kingdoms, multiple benefits are waiting for you!

The land of Sichuan and Shu is full of talents and brilliant; on the banks of the Yangtze River, talents come out in large numbers, complementing each other. In order to better restore that exciting history, Dashen APP specially launched the event of re-calving the events of the Three Kingdoms. During the event, log in to the circle of the Great God APP “The Shore of the Land”, enter the “Ting Feng Thirteen Provinces” activity page, experience the historical events of the Three Kingdoms, and choose the correct historical direction of the Three Kingdoms to obtain merits. Use achievements to draw historical rewards, you will get game preparation packs and Three Kingdoms avatar frames, and there is a chance to get Zhang Liao figures, exquisite peripherals and cash red envelopes!

Shang Da Shen participates in the discussion of new generals and wins generous rewards

From now until November 2nd, participate in the discussion on the topic of new generals on the Great God APP “The Shore of the Land” and win generous rewards!

With the launch of the global version of “Boundless”, the new camp has gradually entered the stage of history. What do you think of the new star Yingjie? Come and discuss with your friends! During the event, participate in the discussion of new generals under the topic of new generals in the Great God’s “Shore of the Land” circle, that is, you will have the opportunity to receive exquisite peripherals and cash red envelopes!

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On the occasion of the 7th anniversary, the blockbuster expansion “Unbounded” is released in “The Shore of the Earth”, which will lead the overall situation in the new strategic sand table map, strategize the strategy, and take advantage of the right time and place to encourage the morale of the three armies to repel the enemy and restore a more comprehensive and realistic The ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms.

In the face of the new gameplay, Dashente has launched a new expansion guide collection, which integrates the fastest and most authoritative guides on the entire network, helping you to better battle the battlefield!

Gathered on the battlefield, led the soil to celebrate together, thank you all the lords for your love and support for “The Shore of the Leading Earth”! The 7th anniversary event of “The Shore of the Earth” has now started strongly, and a series of exciting content will also appear on the Dashen APP simultaneously, inviting all the lords to come and participate. Now join the anniversary event of the Great God APP “The Shore of the Earth”, and start your own annual welfare carnival feast!