The 6th “Entrepreneurship Beijing” Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition was launched, and this year’s first cultural and creative track

Beijing News (Reporter Ye Hongmei) On May 25, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that it officially launched the 6th “Entrepreneurship Beijing” Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition with the theme of “Entrepreneurship Beijing Creates a Winning Future”. Entrepreneurship projects and enterprises can register online from May 26. This year’s competition is divided into 1 main competition and 3 special competitions. For the first time, there is a special cultural and creative competition, including time-honored brands and intangible cultural heritage technological innovation projects, which can participate for the first time.

This competition is divided into 1 main competition and 3 special competitions. Among them, the main competition is divided into two project groups of manufacturing industry and service industry, and three special competitions are youth creativity special competition, cultural creativity special competition and rural revitalization special competition. There are a total of 5 tracks in the main competition and special competitions, and projects that meet the entry requirements can only register for 1 track.

Among them, the cultural and creative special competition was specially established this year, mainly including cultural and creative projects, cultural content production projects, cultural and creative product development projects, cultural IP creative projects and creative design service projects, such as cultural tourism, cultural and sports integration development projects, time-honored brands, Intangible cultural heritage technology innovation projects, etc. The competition is organized and implemented in four stages, which are the unified registration of the city, the district-level selection competition, the municipal-level selection competition and the municipal-level final.

The main competition of the competition, the special cultural and creative competition and the special competition for rural revitalization are open to enterprises or institutions that have been registered with the industry and commerce for less than 5 years as of May 31, 2023. The location of the project is required to be located in Beijing and all kinds of entrepreneurial groups over the age of 16; youth creative The special competition is open to entrepreneurial teams that have not registered with the market supervision department as of May 31, 2023. The office is located in Beijing, and young people aged 16 to 35 are students and graduates of colleges and technical colleges. Entrepreneurship projects and enterprises that meet the requirements can go through the official website of Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau ( from 10:00 on May 26 to 18:00 on June 30. /) or “Beijing People’s Society” WeChat public account for details and registration.

The competition will select the first, second and third prizes and the Excellence Award in the form of project roadshows. The first prize can receive a maximum bonus of 200,000 yuan. The Beijing Women’s Federation will also give priority to women’s rural entrepreneurship and innovation projects that have entered the district-level trials into the 2024 Rural Women’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for financial support; the Municipal Finance Bureau will provide corporate financial consulting services for participating companies free of charge, including investment and financing planning, financial management Consulting, etc.; some municipal-level entrepreneurial incubation demonstration bases will also guide award-winning projects to land in the park, and provide follow-up services in terms of talent introduction and office space.

Editor Tang Zheng

Proofreading Zhao Lin