The 66-year-old uncle has run for 6 years, with 84 points in the half marathon and 3 hours in the full marathon. How did he do it?

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The protagonist Xiaofang introduced to you today is really amazing, let me tell you about it~

He is from Shanghai. We call him Mr. Yuan in the running circle. I heard that he started running at the age of 60 and has been running for 6 years now. 2 hours 56 minutes. When I saw this result, I was very shocked. For a 66-year-old to achieve such a good result, even a young man in his 20s can’t compare.

Looking at Mr. Yuan’s vigorous posture, standing in the crowd of young people, he is not inferior to them at all. I think these are standing with a group of young runners, and the sunshine and vitality are not inferior to them. I think these should be brought to him by the self-disciplined running life, let’s listen to his story together.

How is your daily running training?

Teacher Yuan’s original intention of running is also very simple. Just because he saw someone running in the community, he ran with him. The purpose was to be healthy, but this run made him a popular running group.

Starting from a rookie, all you need is persistence. Only with hard work and more sweat can you achieve results. At the beginning, Mr. Yuan could only run 5 kilometers, and the pace was only over 6 points. He didn’t understand the skills. And method, in the middle also suffered many injuries.

About a month later, I joined the running team and met some professional runners. With my talent, I quickly became familiar with the skills of running posture and scientific training.

For example, now he also shared the following experience with us:

1. Motivation for running: Before running, you should first figure out what your purpose is, and then make a plan that adapts to yourself according to your goal. Don’t copy others at will, and don’t blindly follow the trend.

2. Scientific training: Everyone’s physical condition is different. You must do it scientifically according to your own training, and follow the 10% principle to increase your running volume.

3. Join the running group: If you are a new runner, it is recommended to join the running group, because you can learn a lot in the organization, and like-minded exchanges can also maintain your passion for running.

How does running performance improve?

When asked how Mr. Yuan improved his grades, he said these 12 words: set goals, step by step, and train hard.

Start with 5 kilometers, stick to the habit, run 10 kilometers in the second month, and run 15 kilometers in the third month. Only this gradual increase can make the hair become qualitatively changed. Mr. Yuan’s pace is basically maintained at 400-500 kilometers every month, and he runs at least 330 days a year.

Therefore, the persistence and hard work of hard training are naturally indispensable.

In addition, Mr. Yuan’s plan also pays special attention to cross-training. Rhythm running, interval running, LSD, and hill-climbing running are the same. He arranges an interval once a week to transition from 200 meters to Xi’an Azi. 3 kilometers, he said that the whole horse broke the third, basically relying on the result of his own practice interval.

The most terrifying thing is that Mr. Yuan also carries out sandbag training. Each foot is 1.5 kg. He runs once every two weeks, 5 kilometers at a time. He said that this can increase the speed very well, especially after removing the sandbag, it is like running again. Fly like.

Perhaps Mr. Yuan’s achievements today are due to his hard work and hard work.

He often said: Exercise is the cure for everything . I think that as a person who is over sixty years old, I can have a yearning for running and live a life so self-disciplined and orderly that I have surpassed more than 90% of my peers. In fact, everyone in life should learn from Teacher Yuan. If you want to live a happy life, you must first ensure your health.

Of course, having said that, there are only a handful of runners in their 60s who can do something like Mr. Yuan. We don’t expect every one of them to achieve such a result, but as long as we have goals in our hearts, don’t admit defeat, and persevere, The desired running goal will definitely be achieved .

This achievement may be our “ceiling”, but on the road of running, as long as you run, there will be wind. If you keep pursuing, youth will last forever. I hope we can learn the spirit of running from Mr. Yuan. And then determined to run healthily.

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