The 60-year-old spent 440,000 yuan in two years in a massage and health shop, and the government intervened in the investigation

Sixty-year-olds spend 440,000 yuan in two years

The health store agreed to refund 350,000 yuan

The health department of Beilin District intervened in the investigation

Targeting deceitful “Health Bureau”

The impact is not small

Why is it still repeated?

There is a long way to go to rectify the chaos of health care

Formulate supervision and management measures

Improve legislative supervision

Covering the regulatory vacuum

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The 63-year-old Mrs. Wang lives near Taiyi Road in Xi’an. On July 24, 2021, when she went shopping at Yonghui Supermarket on the first floor of Huaqing Plaza, she was massaged by a massage shop called “Nuomanzi” in front of the supermarket. The staff of the health care shop pulled in, and after going through the free pedicure-special pedicure card, the so-called “teacher” in the store gave her a pulse diagnosis, saying that she had a serious disease, and asked to buy massage therapy items at a high price.

From July 2021 to April 2023, the old man successively paid 443,000 yuan to the store for purchase items.

Statistics from the family members found that the old man entered the store about 110 times from July 2021 to April 2023. “What kind of service does the store provide, it costs 443,000 yuan?” Refunded, but declined.

The store eventually refunded 350,000 yuan, and the matter of Mrs. Wang came to an end for the time being.

Refund 300,000 yuan first

The remaining 50,000 yuan will be refunded within 3 days

On May 24th and 25th, Huashang Daily continuously reported on the incident that “the old man went to the massage and health shop about 110 times and spent 443,000 yuan”. The Wenyi Road Market Supervision and Management Office of Beilin District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Xi’an City intervened to investigate the matter. The refund amount promised by the store increased from 5,000 yuan to 250,000 yuan. Ms. Zhang still believed that the pit was too deep and refused to accept it.

At about 15 o’clock on the 25th, the reporter and Ms. Zhang went to the “Nuomanzi” massage and health shop again. After Ms. Zhang communicated with the store, the store finally agreed to refund 350,000 yuan and asked Ms. Zhang to issue a mediation statement. The content of the mediation statement is: After friendly negotiation, the store agreed to refund 350,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan will be refunded on May 25, and the remaining 50,000 yuan will be paid within 3 days. After receiving the payment, there will be no economic relationship with the store. Later, Ms. Zhang received 300,000 yuan transferred from the store.

The Health Bureau requires in-store “teacher” demonstration projects

The store said that the “teacher” had returned to his hometown

Before issuing the mediation statement, Ms. Zhang called the police. The police from the Jianshe Road Police Station of the Beilin Branch of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau went to the scene for a preliminary understanding and said that there are only consumption problems at present. If there are illegal and criminal acts, the market supervision department will hand them over to them. At the same time, the police will pay close attention to the matter.

At 4:00 pm on the 25th, the staff of the Beilin District Health Bureau also came to the scene and asked Mrs. Wang that the store provided “thrombolysis” and “pelvic floor muscle” items. The manager of the “Nuomanzi” massage and health shop said that thrombolysis is actually a massage of the back meridians with the help of techniques and essential oils, and “pelvic floor muscles” is a buttocks massage. The Health Bureau asked the so-called “teacher” to demonstrate. The other party said that the “teacher” who did thrombolysis had returned to his hometown and would not be able to return until the end of the month.

Potentially misleading words found in the store

The Department of Health requires replacement

The staff of the Beilin District Health Bureau said that according to the notice issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the issuance of the “Interim Regulations on Consulting and Conditioning Services by Chinese Physicians in Health Care Institutions”, health care institutions are not allowed to engage in medical treatment and sales of medicines and medical devices. , not to promote therapeutic benefits. Acupuncture, scar moxibustion, foaming moxibustion, traction, pull method, minimally invasive techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, bowel lavage with traditional Chinese medicine and other minimally invasive, invasive or dangerous techniques are not allowed. It is not allowed to use traditional Chinese medicine beverages other than those stipulated in the “List of Items That Are Both Food and Drugs” and “List of Items that Can Be Used in Health Foods” or the banned pieces of Chinese herbal medicines in the “List of Prohibited Items in Health Foods”.

After a preliminary inspection by the Health Bureau, it was found that the words “thrombolysis” and other words on the price list in the store were tendentious and misleading, and the store was asked to replace them on the spot. The next step is to continue the investigation after the thrombolysis personnel come back, and if any violations are found, they will be dealt with strictly.

Disclosure of performance distribution data

“Expert” and “Teacher” performance distribution insider

On the afternoon of May 25th, a reporter from the Huashang Daily saw a performance distribution material in the store, which read: mutual promotion of customers, and 50% of performance at the same time. The dean and the technicians make the achievements of the customers to the technicians at the same time. The old and new customers pay the money, and the service technicians will share equally on the same day. An after-sales technician serves a customer at the same time. After the first service technician finished, he did not explain to the next technician what project he was laying out or what card he was talking about. The performance of the second technician has nothing to do with the first service technician. , Whoever participates in the card issuance on the day will be the only one, and the technicians who did not participate will have no performance. Experts and teachers issue orders, as many experts count as there are, and technicians get 70% (except physicians and experts)… The signature is “2020 Jingxiu Yuyang General Manager Office”.

When the reporter asked what was going on with the performance distribution table, the staff in the store faltered at first, and then said that it was from the past, and they had no time to tear it up.

Prior to this, the reporter combed through the WeChat payment transaction details of the old man and found that many of the money spent by the old man in the store were transferred to “Jingxiu Yuyang”. Shareholder cross appointment.

>> Insider revealed

Worried about unannounced inspections, some health parlors hide customer files

A person who once worked in one of the health care centers said that these stores are basically at the exit of the supermarket, and the target customers are the elderly. “I will first let the elderly go to experience it for free. The clerk will make a foot or back, and the muscles will relax after pressing a few times. There must be a feeling, and then the elderly will be tricked into applying for the card. After applying for the card, the elderly will go there once or twice, and someone will give a diagnosis. , said that there is a big problem in the body, and they need to continue to buy the project. The project is very expensive, and the cost of the essential oil they use is only a few yuan or tens of dollars, but when they push it to the elderly, they say it is tens of thousands of yuan, which is very dark. I really think I couldn’t go on and chose to resign.”

According to the source, they also have a person who wears a white coat and claims to be an expert from a large hospital in Beijing or other places. He shuttles back and forth between various stores to diagnose the elderly. Easy to fall for.”

The insider said that because the Huashang Daily reported the incident continuously, according to the recent situation, the customer files in the store related to “Jingxiu Yuyang” were all hidden on the morning of May 25th, and they were worried about the surprise inspection by the functional department. “They also gave the shopping guide who solicited customers a holiday, saying that they would wait for a while.”

>>Netizen Viewpoint

@刘Sir: Don’t talk about conscience or anything, in the eyes of this kind of person, there is only money. Only by severely punishing and pursuing criminal responsibility can deterrence be possible!

@今夕何喜: Please keep your eyes open for elderly friends, and don’t go to informal medicine, medical and small health care institutions! Many health care scammers cheat the elderly with three-no products or use old routines such as handing out eggs and free infrared experience.

@王某某: A lot of them are promoting the free experience of entering the store for you, but as a result, you will be induced to consume when you enter the store.

@长安路之北: Specially defrauding the elderly, with so many functional departments, public security, health, and market supervision, can’t they jointly enforce the law? China Business Daily reporter She Hui/Wen Sheying/Picture

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Deceiving the elderly

“Famous Expert” in Health Care Center Sentenced to Prison

Every elderly person who comes to see a doctor is diagnosed with lung cancer, hidden dangers of Alzheimer’s disease, risk of stroke, etc., and the elderly are frightened to buy essential oils sold by “experts”…

Due to the poor sales performance of the cooperative health care center, the three partners used their brains: pretending to be medical experts to sell “health care items” at high prices to elderly customers who came to the store for profit. Every elderly person who came to see a doctor was diagnosed with lung cancer, hidden dangers of Alzheimer’s disease, poor liver and kidney, and risk of stroke by the “experts”. The elderly were so frightened that they bought the essential oils sold by the “experts” for two years… During this time, three people used this method to defraud dozens of elderly people, involving more than 2.7 million yuan.

In February this year, the Shanghai Qingpu District Procuratorate prosecuted Li, Liu, and Song for alleged fraud. A few days ago, after the trial, the court sentenced the three defendants to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from five years to six months to two years for the crime of fraud, and fined each of them ranging from 100,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan.

Bad business, use your brain

Li has been engaged in the beauty and health care industry for many years. After meeting Liu, the two hit it off and opened 10 beauty and health care stores in Shanghai’s Qingpu District, Pudong New District, Jing’an District, and Xuhui District. Later, the two developed their business to Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province and Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and opened a health care center in each of the two places. The two agreed: Li will provide the storefront, and Liu will be responsible for sales and services, and will take 25% of the sales commission.

Soon after the two cooperated, Liu introduced Song to Li. Because of Song’s sales talent and flexible mind, Li soon recruited him as a partner. During the period, Li, Liu, and Song mainly operated a health care center located in Qingpu District, while the rest of the stores hired managers to be in charge of operation and management.

Since 2020, the sales performance of the health care center has been poor, and the three people have used their brains. Liu pointed out: “Most of the customers we receive in our health care center are elderly people over the age of 60 or 70. These people usually trust the so-called experts and scholars the most. We might as well pretend to be experts and sell ‘health care projects’ to them. It’s very easy to sell.” For Liu’s proposal, both Li and Song expressed their support and began to prepare.

Li first arranged for the staff in the store to publicize to regular customers that they were about to invite an expert from a well-known tertiary hospital in Beijing to sit in for a consultation. Many elderly people believed it was true and signed up to make an appointment for consultation. Afterwards, Li and the other 3 people memorized the physical diseases they were suffering from by checking the health care items that these people who made appointments usually do when they come to the store, as well as the information they disclosed when they chatted with the staff. On the day of expert consultation, Liu put on a white coat, a stethoscope and glasses and walked into the store. Li Mou greeted him with his back on his back, and the service staff in the store stood in two rows and bowed to say hello to Liu Mou. This battle frightened the patients who came for consultation, and they believed in Liu’s expert status.

Pretending to be a medical expert

The first patient to make an appointment was Yuan Mou, an eighty-year-old man. When Yuan Mou had a massage in the store before, he accidentally said that he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and it was secretly recorded by the staff.

At this time, Liu pretended to be auscultated and checked the old man’s pulse, and then put on a very serious face and said: “Grandpa, your heart and lung function is very poor. If you don’t treat it quickly, your life will be in danger.” Yuan listened Later, I was very scared, and I had already forgotten that this information was revealed by myself.

Later, Liu claimed that the old man also had kidney problems and was at risk of developing uremia. Yuan was said to be trembling. At this time, Liu took out ordinary essential oils purchased at a low price, and introduced to Yuan: “Now there is a health care item in the store, which can treat such diseases, and the effect is remarkable. If you usually buy it, it costs more than 200,000 yuan. The second time I see that you are urgent and sincere, and the relationship between doctors and patients also pays attention to fate. I will give you a friendly price and sell it for 67,000 yuan.” Yuan decided to buy it immediately, but he did not have enough cash, so Liu asked the store staff to buy it. Accompany him to the bank to withdraw money. In this way, every elderly person who came to see a doctor was diagnosed by Liu with lung cancer, hidden dangers of Alzheimer’s disease, poor liver and kidney, and risk of stroke. These elderly people were frightened to buy the essential oils sold by Liu and others. . For a while, the three made a lot of money.

When sending these elderly customers away, Li also asked the staff to tell them that using this essential oil will get the best curative effect, and if they go to other hospitals to use other medicines, their condition will aggravate. Many elderly people believed it to be true, so they gave up the idea of ​​going to other hospitals for follow-up consultation.

The first attempt was fruitful, and Liu and the other three were extremely excited. Subsequently, Liu and Song respectively pretended to be famous experts from a hospital in Beijing and took turns conducting “expert consultation” in several stores in Qingpu District, Pudong New District, Chongming District, etc. There is an endless stream of elderly people seeking medical treatment, with an average age of over 70 years old.

Dozens of elderly people were defrauded of more than 2.7 million yuan

In July 2022, a 76-year-old victim found out that she had been cheated after spending more than 50,000 yuan on Liu’s so-called “medicine package that can prevent stroke”, and immediately called the police. So far, the three people have defrauded dozens of elderly people for a total of more than 2.7 million yuan, and one of them was defrauded of more than 320,000 yuan.

After the incident, the public security organs arrested the criminal suspect Liu in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and then successively arrested Li and Song in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, and Baoshan District, Shanghai City.

In January this year, the case was transferred to the Qingpu District Procuratorate for review and prosecution. During the review and prosecution, at first Liu and the other three evaded each other. When the evidence was conclusive, the three began to defend the amount of personal crime proceeds. The prosecutor who handled the case explained the law to the three people many times, contacted the victims and their families one by one, and repeatedly confirmed the amount of loss, so as to determine the criminal proceeds of the three people.

After investigation and evidence collection, the three finally pleaded guilty and accepted punishment, and voluntarily signed a plea affidavit. After the Qingpu District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court made the above judgment after trial. According to Prosecutor’s Daily