The 500,000th Foton pickup rolls off the production line, and the 2023 new Foton General debuts

On October 28, 2022, the off-line ceremony of the 500,000th Foton pickup and the 2023 General pickup was successfully held at the Foshan Foshan Pickup Smart Factory. From the rollout of the first Sunshine sedan in 1999 to the official rollout of the 500,000th high-end passenger 2023 Generals pickup, Foton pickups have been deeply involved in the industry for 23 years, continuously promoting the development of China’s pickup industry. The launch of the 2023 Generals pickup truck has strongly boosted the confidence in the development of China’s pickup truck industry and is of great significance to the construction of my country’s pickup truck culture and the development of global pickup trucks.

Since the beginning of business in 1999, Foton pickups have been moving forward step by step—from the 100,000th unit that marked the development of the entire business line in 2005; by 2009, the cumulative production and sales of 200,000 units and going abroad; by 2012 The 300,000th unit in the globalization process in 2018, the 400,000th pickup truck from the tool car to the family car in 2018, and the production and sales of 500,000 units today. , realized the transformation and upgrading from traditional tool vehicles to younger, high-end, and passenger-oriented vehicles, won the recognition and trust of 500,000 users, and effectively promoted the Foton pickup brand.

From “using a pickup” to “opening a pickup”, and then to today’s “playing a pickup”; from the Conqueror series, which is mainly based on commercial tool vehicles, to the high-end passenger-oriented General series, Foton Pickup has led China’s pickup industry gradually. From the era of commercial tool vehicles in 1.0, to the era of commercial and passenger use in 2.0, and now to the era of multi-purpose and high-end passenger vehicles in 3.0, Foton Pickup has created a relatively complete product matrix.

The 2023 General Pickup is the stage result of the high-end, passenger-oriented transformation and upgrading of Foton pickups. The interior upgrade and the technologically-sense dual-screen design are its biggest highlights. In terms of appearance, the car is basically the same as the high-end pickup general G9. In terms of power, the car offers 2.0T gasoline/diesel versions with a maximum power of 175kW and a maximum torque of 390N m. The entire system is equipped with a ZF 8AT gearbox.

On the 26th of this month, the domestic pickup truck market welcomed the strongest support for the lifting of the ban in history! The General Office of the State Council recently issued the “Tenth National Deepening of “Delegation, Regulation and Service” Reform Video and Telephone Conference Key Task Division Plan”, which clarified that it is necessary to extend the time allowed for trucks to pass on urban roads, relax the tonnage restrictions, and promote the cancellation of pickup trucks. In order to further facilitate the passage of trucks on urban roads, the new energy distribution trucks will expand the range of traffic and extend the traffic time. In the context of this favorable policy, Foton pickups achieved production and sales of 500,000 units. At the same time, the first 2023 General pickups rolled off the production line, which is also the driving force for the comprehensive lifting of the ban on domestic pickups.


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