The 40-year-old Camry is still hot. Will it become the first electrified mid-to-high-end sedan?

The origin of the Camry began from the moment I saw it at the GAC Toyota No. 1 Factory 18 years ago. At that time, I didn’t have much intuitive feeling about a car, and GAC Toyota was just a place where a lot of bricks were moved every day.

Walking around the factory every day, I just feel that this Toyota global model factory is really big, and it is common to get lost at the beginning.

The stamping workshop with “bǎng bǎng bǎng” sounds, the welding workshop full of sparks and burning smell, the painting workshop full of paint smell that requires full armour to enter, and the final assembly workshop full of busy figures, pneumatic The sound of “hú hú hú” when the tightening tool is started, and the sound of “dǎ dǎ dǎ” when the parts are tightened, all of which are amazing.

From a steel plate to a Camry, it finally drove off the production line. In addition to the cold equipment and production lines of the entire factory, every Guangfeng person we contacted in the four workshops represents the ultimate in manufacturing technology and quality of Camry. Pursuit, everyone in the factory has always been the highest standard that every car can achieve.

If the Camry on the production line is so delicate that bricklayers dare not touch it easily, when the first-generation Camry in champagne gold was driven, the texture of the mid-to-high-end sedan was deeply imprinted in my heart.

Starting from the first-generation domestically produced Camry code-named 245L, GAC Toyota has officially stepped onto the stage of Chinese automobile history.

In the past 18 years, GAC Toyota has had a standard annual production capacity of 1 million vehicles and is working hard towards the sales target of 1 million vehicles. All of this stems from the success of the Camry, which not only carries the reputation of Toyota’s global strategic model, but also the reputation of the quality and service that GAC Toyota strives to build.

It is the success of the Camry that gave the Highlander the status of a god-like car, and finally supported the two Chinese-exclusive models, the Ralink and the Willanda. This is what GAC Toyota has cultivated in the fierce market competition. The most powerful brand and operating system strength.

The Camry, which has entered its 40th year, has undergone eight generations of evolution and has sold more than 23 million units in the global market. After being domestically produced by GAC Toyota in 2006, it has become the fastest mid- to high-end sedan in China to reach 2 million sales in 2020. More than 2.6 million units were sold.

Why is the Camry so popular?

In addition to its own excellent product strength and GAC Toyota’s system strength, there are also those small operations that are different from others, such as the only dual-model design of mid-to-high-end sedans, which meets the meticulous needs of a wider range of users. As early as 2010 As the first domestic model, the gasoline-electric hybrid technology was introduced, leading the hybrid road in the Chinese auto market.

In the context of electrification and intelligence, GAC Toyota is not afraid of changes in the market and technology, unlike the obsession of leading multinational car companies such as Volkswagen, GM and Nissan. From January to September, the sales volume exceeded 760,000 units, a year-on-year increase of more than 31%, continuing to lead the growth trend of large-scale car companies.

From January to September 2022, the proportion of GAC Toyota’s gasoline-electric hybrid models exceeded 30%, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 102%. The total sales volume of Camry is nearly 200,000. You must know that this is a model that has been on the market as early as 2017. The car has a very strong vitality.

Camry has entered a new round of replacement cycle. With the rapid development of electrification and intelligence, the Camry dual-engine, which was the first to introduce a gasoline-electric hybrid power system, will also be close to the development of the times and become the first pure electric vehicle. A mid-to-high-end sedan, or simply start with a plug-in hybrid?

Toyota, which is committed to the full popularization of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, has now reached another turning point. Will it break its stubbornness and prejudice against pure electric vehicles, which is different from the current multinational car companies that use new product series to build pure electric vehicles The practice, in one fell swoop, made the Camry another masterpiece of Toyota’s electrification?

Looking at the entire market, there are very few competing products that can compete with the Camry. When the market faces more and more uncertainties, we cannot predict whether the Camry will continue to be popular, and the electrification market is a brand new, full of infinite possible market.

Whether it is an electrified model of a multinational car company or an electric smart car of a new force, driven by technological innovation and brand improvement, the threshold for users to purchase a car is constantly rising. In the past, tens of thousands of yuan could buy a car. The favorite fuel car, but now it costs more than 100,000 yuan to buy an electric car.

In the process of fully popularizing gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, Toyota has finally realized the price replacement of hybrid vehicles with traditional fuel vehicles. Users can get an energy-saving and environmentally friendly car life without paying additional costs. One of Toyota’s successful strategies to plan the entire gas-electric hybrid vehicle market at the scale of the auto industry.

Today, whether it is Volkswagen’s ID pure electric or Toyota’s bZ pure electric, everything brand new, from product planning, market perception and actual sales, is not enough to make it a generation model with market influence, only existing fuel vehicles can achieve Only by electrification can we see the confidence and determination of a car company to change.

Toyota, who dared to introduce a gasoline-electric hybrid system for the Camry, has been swaying in the electrification route for many years. It is time to start Move on and use an electric Camry to open a new chapter for Toyota’s electric business and global electric vehicles. This may be the Toyota’s Camry philosophy.

So the question is, an electric Camry, is it still a Camry? I think the Camry represents Toyota’s car-making philosophy and has nothing to do with power.

We don’t need to complain about Toyota’s inaction in the electric vehicle market, and we shouldn’t make the electric Camry become another Tesla, but we can look forward to the electric Camry with the same price. , another peak in life that needs to be challenged.

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