The 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-Sports Festival opens, and the King’s Concert helps “E-Sports +”

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Li Li

On October 26th, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-sports Festival and the “Passion and Glory” King E-sports Theme Symphony Concert kicked off at Beijing Performing Arts National Culture Palace Grand Theater on October 26. .

The College Student E-Sports Festival adheres to “college students, college competitions, and college students’ evaluation”. It aims to provide a platform for college students across the country to compete and communicate through the holding of a series of activities of the E-sports Festival. The competitive industry has entered a broader public view.

This e-sports festival is jointly organized by Communication University of China, Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center, Beijing Performing Arts Group and many other units. According to Wang Xiaohui, the chief director of the e-sports festival, from October 26 to December 20, the competition unit of the e-sports festival will hold an e-sports competition, an anchor competition and a creative competition. The e-sports competition uses the “Honor of Kings” mobile game as a competitive project, and invites college students from all over the country to form teams to participate; the anchor competition builds a display stage for college students who love hosting and e-sports anchor fields; the creative competition takes “Story of me and e-sports” as the theme. The themes include five collection sections, including essay writing, animation, video, photography, and dubbing. The registration details can be obtained through the official WeChat account of the College Student E-Sports Festival “BICSEF”. At that time, there will also be a series of colorful series of activities such as e-sports salons and “technological enterprises enter colleges and universities and college students enter science and technology enterprises”. Duan Peng, vice president of Communication University of China, introduced that at the closing ceremony of the e-sports festival in December, the “2023 Blue Book of E-sports – Social Value of E-sports” and the bilingual version of the e-sports textbook “Introduction to the E-sports Industry” will also be released.

Jin Liming awarded Lin Yue an image ambassador certificate

At the opening ceremony, Olympic champion Lin Yue was awarded the certificate of ambassador for this e-sports festival. Lin Yue has won dozens of world-class championships, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics men’s 10-meter platform gold medal. After retiring, he has kept a close eye on the e-sports industry and events. He also expects the contestants to show their individual competitive level and teamwork ability in the e-sports festival, and actively promote the spirit of competitive sports.

After the launching ceremony, the guests watched the “Passion and Glory” King E-sports-themed symphony concert. Zhao Jiachen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Performing Arts Group, said that this e-sports-themed concert launched by the group, which plays the original sound work of the e-sports game “Honor of Kings” with a symphony, is the first public performance of the King’s e-sports-themed symphony concert. The cross-border integration of competition and symphony builds a bridge between games and music, classical and popular, youth and dreams.