The 37-year-old Korean actor was caught taking drugs more than 200 times. He is known as the Korean version of Tony Leung and may be imprisoned for 10 years.

The 37-year-old Korean actor was caught taking drugs more than 200 times. He is known as the Korean version of Tony Leung and may be imprisoned for 10 years.

After being investigated for half a year, the 36-year-old Korean actor Yoo Ah-in was officially arrested. The youngest Grand Slam actor in Korean film history was completely unable to turn over.

There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry who are addicted to drugs, but Yoo Ah In is definitely the “standout” among this group of “addicts”.

According to investigations, in the more than two years from 2020 to his arrest, Yoo Ah In illegally injected drugs more than 200 times and illegally prescribed more than 1,000 prescription drugs in the name of others. To exaggerate, it is said that “there is only a small amount of blood in the blood vessels.”

Not only was he infected many times, but he also had a wide range of drug selections. He was contaminated with 5 kinds of drugs and 2 kinds of addictive prescription drugs , which can be called the “human alchemy furnace”.

South Korea’s control over this aspect is not as strict as ours. If it is a first-time offender, the offender will generally not be detained and the person concerned will only be required to cooperate with the investigation.

But Yoo Ah-in has something on his mind. His condition is too serious, so he should have sex with his boyfriend, which might lead to a tragic outcome.

So Yoo Ah In used his uncanny little brain and decided to help her boyfriend escape. As a result, he was caught on the spot and both of them were taken to a detention center.

But after only 10 hours of detention, Liu Yaren and his wife were released again. (It’s really outrageous)

At the detention site, Yoo Ah In said with a heavy face that he was very sorry and sorry for the fans. But when the angry fans threw the water bottles on him, he immediately became very irritable and wanted to beat the fans.

After all, this movie king is a complete “double-dealer”. He is a humble star in front of others, but not only is he addicted to drugs behind the scenes, but he also drags people around him into the trap and forces the accompanying staff to smoke with him .

(So ​​everyone must stay away from addicts!)

To say that Yoo Ah-in is really self-inflicted, there are few stars in South Korea who have a more open-minded stardom than him.

Yoo Ah In, 37 years old this year, has twice won the Blue Dragon Award for Best Actor (equivalent to the top three domestic film awards) and the Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actor.

He is rated as Yi Yang Qianxi’s traffic + Tony Leung’s appearance when he was young (this is doubtful) + Zhang Songwen’s acting skills + Zhou Dongyu’s awards, which is unmatched among similar actors.

But it is hard to understand that such a promising actor has abruptly cut off his own stardom and broke South Korea’s slogan of “drug-free country”.

Before the scandal was exposed, Yoo Ah-in was the darling of the Korean film and television industry. His “long reaction arc, repeated words, and exaggerated expressions” on the show were regarded as his personal character, but he was actually very happy.

Yoo Ah In also posted a video. In the video, he made some muffled noises from time to time, and kept shaking his body. Finally, he glanced down, and he seemed to be having sex with his boyfriend. Now it seems that both of them have taken drugs.

It is understood that given Yoo Ah In’s condition, he may be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Let’s not talk about whether he can turn around in 10 years. With Yoo Ah In’s physical condition, can he persist for 10 years?

The entertainment industry is a mixed bag, and many celebrities cannot resist the temptation and become addicted to drugs. From then on, their reputations and careers are ruined.

Some time ago, “Fengshen” became popular, and Wen Bixia, who once played Daji, also became famous. However, Fu Yiwei, the most classic Daji, failed to become a hot topic. Wasn’t it because of the poison?

But it’s not a pity. There are many stars in the entertainment industry, and bad artists can change their ways, but don’t think about making money by becoming a star.

We should resolutely resist such illegal artists!