The 2023 version of China’s first cloud-based 3D CAD design platform was released in Jinan

  China News Agency, Jinan, October 28 (Reporter Sha Jianlong) Shandong Shanda Huatian Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huatian Software”) launched China’s first fully autonomous, cloud-based 3D CAD design platform a year ago. It fills the domestic technology gap in China and breaks the foreign monopoly. Currently, the platform has been upgraded to version 2023, which will be released in Jinan, Shandong on October 28.

  ”China’s own 3D CAD – CrownCAD 2023 Conference” was held in Jinan on the same day. Yang Chaoying, founder and chairman of Huatian Software, said in his speech that CAD is the cornerstone of the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry, and its underlying core, as the key engine of physical modeling, is also an important guarantee and support for industry data security and transformation and upgrading. CrownCAD 2023 has achieved international standards, leading the industry, and local standards and specifications, and will surely usher in another leap in domestic 3D CAD.

  Dr. Mei Jingcheng, CTO of Huatian Software, general manager of Huayun 3D, and founder of CrownCAD products, told reporters that CrownCAD has two completely independent key core technologies of “3D geometric modeling engine DGM” and “geometric constraint solver DCS”, which fully satisfy the The special needs brought about by the growing strength of China’s manufacturing industry are in line with the operating habits of Chinese users and provide prices suitable for Chinese users; its key core technologies are benchmarked against foreign software, and make full use of new technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, and big data to realize domestic independent industries. The software’s “lane change overtaking”.

  ”The future will be a completely digital world. The most basic level of digital transformation is the digitization of application tools.” Hu Qideng, technical director of Huatian Software, said in an interview with reporters that at present, there are a large number of digital gaps in Chinese manufacturing enterprises, hindering the Enterprise digital transformation process. How to break through the digital divide and realize digital transformation should start from the correct understanding and use of 3D CAD.

  It is reported that since its official release last year, CrownCAD has made breakthroughs in aviation, railway, petrochemical, general machinery and other fields, and has been applied in the field of education. Among them, it provides support for the “Industrial Design Technology” event of the 2022 BRICS Vocational Skills Competition. (Finish)