The 2023 National Science Popularization Day Guiyang Gui’an main venue event was officially launched·Jiaxiu News Flame tornado, air cannon, wheel gyroscope, 3D printing technology, laser engraving processing… On September 21, the launching ceremony of the 2023 National Science Popularization Day Guiyang Gui’an main venue event was held at Guiyang University, on-site The science performance show and popular science knowledge exhibition were brilliant, attracting more than 800 teachers and students from Guiyang College, Shuanglong Junior High School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, and Guiyang No. 25 Middle School to experience the event.

The theme of this year’s National Science Popularization Day is “Improving the scientific literacy of the people and promoting self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology.” Under the guidance of the Guizhou Science and Technology Association, the Guiyang Gui’an Civil Science Literacy Leading Group hosted the Guiyang Science and Technology Association, Guiyang University, and Nanming District The Association for Science and Technology hosted the launch ceremony to further mobilize science and technology workers and all aspects of society to participate in science popularization and engage in science popularization, and carry out science popularization activities directly for the public and for the public.

At the ceremony, the relevant person in charge awarded licenses to Baiyun District and Nanming District, which have won the “National Science Popularization Demonstration County (City, District)”, and the 2023 Guiyang Science Popularization Education Base, and also awarded certificates to the 18th Soong Ching Ling Children’s Invention Award National Competition. Student representatives who won gold medals and other awards were awarded certificates.

The science popularization knowledge exhibition held in the square is a highlight, attracting many teachers and students to stop and visit. The popular science exhibition area displays 3D printing technology, laser engraving and other technological achievements with a sense of science and technology. In the robot exhibition area, you can watch robot stage formations, mecha master competitions, etc., and the aerospace exhibition area displays military models, aircraft models, drones, and exhibition boards. etc., the garbage classification interactive game in the ecological and environmental protection science popularization exhibition area was entertaining and educational. Every exhibition area was crowded with people. Everyone listened carefully to the explanations of the science popularization volunteers and experienced the charm of science and technology.

It is understood that the Science Popularization Day has become our city’s science popularization festival with the largest scale of activities, wide coverage, the largest number of participants, and the richest content. This year, Guiyang will carry out a series of “1+6+4” science popularization activities, namely: one home event, six joint actions, and four special actions to provide the general public with a series of colorful and diverse science popularization services. In Guiyang and Gui’an Create a social atmosphere that loves and advocates science.

Reporter Li Wei