The 2023 Global 6G Conference is about to be held: 7 academicians lead the interpretation of the “super infrastructure” of the future digital world

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Editor | Zheng Songyi

The 2023 Global 6G Technology Conference, co-sponsored by the National 6G Technology R&D Promotion Working Group and General Expert Group, Future Mobile Communications Forum, and Purple Mountain Laboratory, will be held in Nanjing from March 22 to March 24, 2023.

Focusing on the theme of “6G Integrate the World and Create the Future Together”, the conference invited top industry experts from around the world to discuss 6G application scenarios and standardization progress, network architecture and endogenous security in the form of technical reports, international forums, and round table forums. , wireless transmission and spectrum sharing, space-ground integration technology and on-demand services, discuss in-depth 6G network transformation and technological innovation, and jointly cultivate and promote the formation of a globally unified 6G standard and ecology.

At that time, the world’s top experts, representatives of international organizations and entrepreneurs will gather at the conference. The guests include Zhang Xinsheng, executive vice chairman of the Future Mobile Communications Forum, Wang Xiaoyun, general manager of China Mobile Technology Department, Chen Shanzhi, vice president of China Information and Communication Technology Group, etc., Wu Jiangxing , Mao Junfa, Zhang Ping and more than a dozen academicians and experts will also gather at this conference.

At the same time, leading enterprises in the communication field such as Huawei, VIVO, Ericsson, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom also participated in the forum of the conference.

Following the large-scale commercial use of 5G, the exploration of 6G in the global information and communication field has started in an orderly manner. As the “super infrastructure” of the future digital world, 6G will support the multi-dimensional perception and ubiquitous intelligent connection of people, machines and things with the ultimate performance of strong connection, strong computing, strong intelligence and strong security, and empower the digital transformation of the whole society. Realize the beautiful vision of “intelligent connection of all things, digital twin”.

During the conference, academician Mao Junfa served as the chairman of the forum for 6G milliwave and terahertz technology, and Professor Hong Wei from Southeast University served as the executive chairman and moderator of the forum, focusing on the prospect of millimeter wave terahertz technology. Professor Wu Linsheng from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Balaji, chief technical expert of Keysight Network Solutions Division, and many other guests reached a consensus.

Academician Lu Jianhua served as the chairman of the forum for 6G and space-earth fusion intelligent networking technology, and Wang Chunting, senior deputy general manager of China Satellite Network Corporation, served as the forum executive chairman and moderator, focusing on the prospect of satellite-ground integration technology. General Manager Chen Shanzhi, Chief Scientist of Huawei’s 6G and other guests discussed how to use 6G to realize the vision of network world integration.

The 6G network coverage under the dual-carbon environment is chaired by Professor Li Jiandong, and Liu Guangyi, the chief expert of China Mobile, is the executive chairman and host of the forum. Professor Niu Zhisheng from Tsinghua University, Xu Shugong from Shanghai University, and Qin Fei, dean of the Vivo Communication Research Institute, were invited to discuss how to While developing 6G technology, implement the dual-carbon development strategy to create a green future together.

The development trend of 6G technology in 2030 is chaired and presided over by Gong Ke, the former chairman of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. Cai Liyu, head of the China region of the laboratory, and other guests imagined the future development direction and opportunities of communication technology together.

6G network security and privacy protection is chaired by Wu Jiangxing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Ji Xinsheng, a professor of Zijinshan Laboratory, is the executive chairman and host of the forum. Professor Tao Xiaofeng from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Liu Fei, chief researcher of Huawei 6G security, and security experts from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology were invited. Lin Meiyu, deputy director of the research institute, and other guests focused on the “spark” of privacy protection technology colliding with wisdom in the process of rapid technological development.