The 132nd Canton Fair came to an end, and Weifang hit two record highs!

Recently, the 132nd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) online exhibition came to an end. A total of 218 enterprises in our city “on-line” participated in the exhibition, and the total number of exhibits exceeded 21,000, creating a record high.

It is understood that the theme of this year’s Canton Fair is “China Unicom’s domestic and international dual circulation”, breaking the exhibition period limit for the first time, extending the service time of the online platform from 10 days to 5 months, and constantly innovating the way of online promotion and negotiation, optimizing and upgrading the online platform It provides domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers with long-term support for the “Never Ending Canton Fair”. Exhibitors in our city set up 310 booths and uploaded 21,863 exhibits, covering 35 industries such as hardware, machinery, home textiles, clothing, pet supplies, and food, of which new products accounted for more than 60%. Exhibitors actively take advantage of the functional advantages of the Canton Fair’s online platform, constantly innovate online exhibition presentation methods, and increase the application and innovation of new models such as online marketing and online negotiation and transactions. More than 1,000 batches of buyers from more than 10 countries and regions, and more than 700 batches of domestic buyers. The online booth has more than 76,000 effective clicks. With the strength of digital transformation, it has opened up new international markets, and the intended turnover is higher than that of the 131st Canton Fair. a small increase.