The 12th China Children’s Theater Festival brings together 39 domestic and foreign plays

[Introduction] The 12th China Children’s Theater Festival, co-sponsored by China Children’s Art Theater, Beijing Dongcheng District Committee, District Government and China Children’s Theater Research Association, will be held in Beijing from July 15 to August 20, 2023 . The drama festival will bring together 39 repertoires from 22 domestic and foreign children’s drama troupes for 188 performances, and set up branch venues in Chengdu, Jiaxing, and Changzhou, integrating online and offline, performing and broadcasting simultaneously. The “2023 Summer Tour of 100+ Outstanding Repertoires of China Children’s Art Theater” was also launched a few days ago. 12 outstanding children’s plays such as “Journey to the West”, “Malan Flower” and “Three Monks” will tour the country for 167 performances.

Reporters: Zhou Wei, Yang Zhanfei