Test: Order a drink, what is your loneliness index?

Order a drink, what’s your loneliness level?

Test starts

You are super busy today and finally get off work. At the end of a tiring day at work, you think of sitting in a bar and facing many alcoholic beverages. Which one of the following would you choose?

A small glass of spirits

B Colorful cocktails

C beer

D high-end red wine

Test Results

Warm reminder: The test is for reference only, do not go too far.

You who choose A

Loneliness index of people who choose “small glass of spirits”: 50%

This type of person is usually a bit extreme. You always like to create the illusion of being separated from others. In fact, you are very afraid of loneliness. You always hope to enjoy loneliness, but you can’t find any suitable way to enjoy it. They often choose the most extreme or depraved way to spend every lonely moment.

You who choose B

Loneliness index of people who choose “colorful cocktails”: 90%

This kind of people always hope to use “loneliness” to package themselves, but they also hope that others can see their vulnerability and protect themselves, because no matter how strong you are, your ultimate goal is to be able to cuddle up in the arms of others and act coquettishly. .

You who choose C

Loneliness index of people who choose “beer”: 20%

The “loneliness” of this kind of person usually comes and goes quickly. You are less likely to do things that disturb others, because you are a naturally optimistic person and always think that there will be a solution to everything. To paraphrase a phrase from Gone with the Wind As the saying goes, you are the one who always believes that tomorrow is a new day, so your loneliness index is relatively low.

You who choose D

Loneliness index of people who choose “high-end red wine”: 70%

This kind of person is very afraid that others will ignore your loneliness, but is unwilling to let go of your attitude and let others approach you to comfort you and accompany you. You are more like a cold and frosty person, but you also long for others to melt you in your heart. It can be said to be quite contradictory. ah.

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