Tesla Model 3 seat belt loose defect called for repair, official: repair problem, non-manufacturing problem

▲ Tesla in North America called for repair of Model 3. Due to the defective seat belt repair, it may cause looseness and affect driving safety. Tesla Model 3 has been called for repair. According to NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 may become loose due to seat belt defects if the seat belt anchor is not properly locked. , when an accident occurs, it may affect the safety of the occupants. It is understood that a total of 24,064 Model 3 vehicles were called for repair in North America this time. Tesla said that the incident was a maintenance problem rather than a manufacturing problem. The buckle and the central seat belt mount, both of which are secured with the same bolt, may have been mistakenly reassembled after dismantling during the repair process.”

▲ Tesla seat belt defects call for repair documents, which are believed to be caused by assembly errors after repair, not production problems. The report also pointed out that if the left side seat belt or anchor of the second row seat was found to be loose when it was pulled up and removed from the seat, the problem would be found, and the defect was also discovered by technicians and customers. And after statistics, from 8/15 to 9/30, a total of 105 reports appeared, which also led Tesla to decide to issue a recall. Fortunately, there were no related casualties such as seat belt loosening. Tesla will also revise the maintenance process. Make sure future assembly is correct.

▲ Tesla believes that the incident is a maintenance problem rather than a manufacturing problem, caused by incorrect assembly after repair.