Tesla has cut prices, will domestic new energy vehicles cut prices? Can you buy a new energy car now?

Tesla is simply the conscience of the industry. It has cut prices again and again. This time the price cut ranged from 1.4 W to 3.7 W, so this price reduction caused a series of chain reactions.

First of all, the Tesla just mentioned a few days ago, at this time, I found that it has dropped so much. If you are, are you happy? Then what should I do, I hurried to the 4S store to ask for a statement, I have to pull up the banner, right?

So in this matter, when I think of domestic new energy, some friends are asking me immediately, Tesla has cut prices, does it mean that domestic new energy must be reduced?

After all, the profit of new energy vehicles seems to be higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. So on this matter, I will talk to you about some of my views.

Will BYD cut prices?

The most attention received is the issue of BYD, whether BYD will cut prices.

Because Tesla is now a benchmark for new energy vehicles, BYD is also a benchmark for domestic new energy vehicles. Its price trend can affect the price trend of the entire new energy vehicle market .

In this place, I will first make a rational analysis. In terms of the profit of a single product, BYD’s profit is really different from Tesla’s profit, and the gap is quite large.

Therefore, from the perspective of profit, it is unlikely that BYD will drop by tens of thousands like Tesla. The possibility of a drop of several tens of thousands is not high, and the possibility of a drop of several thousand is not very likely from my own inference .

Because it has hundreds of thousands of orders in its hands, if it suddenly cuts prices at this time, it will trigger a series of chain reactions that are actually more than Tesla.

And the most important thing is that he has so many orders in his hand, it is not necessary to reduce the price at this time.

Of course, if BYD does not drop, it does not mean that other domestic new energy vehicles will not drop, especially those new power brands whose profits are relatively higher.

Its own order volume is not so sufficient. At this time, someone has already set a precedent, and took the opportunity to start to drop a little and do some promotions.

Then BYD does not drop, just so I can grab some orders from you, and you can’t deliver the car, just to promote my transaction, this is entirely possible.

New energy subsidies expire at the end of the year

The second one is what I understand, because the new energy subsidy will expire at the end of this year, and when it is listed on January 1, 2023, the subsidy will be gone.

Without this subsidy, no matter whether the subsidy is for car owners or manufacturers, it means the price of the car. After the subsidy is cancelled, it is bound to rise and rebound.

From now to January 2023, there are still more than two months, then in these more than two months, the price will be reduced again, after the reduction, and then wait until the subsidy is gone next year, and then increase back, such a drop by one The increase, especially the operation of domestic new energy, I estimate that the big factories will basically not do this.

At most, if the subsidy is cancelled next year, then at this price, I will continue to maintain the original price.

In fact, does it mean that the price is reduced for you in disguise, because the subsidies are gone, that is to say, each car is still reduced by several thousand to tens of thousands.

If I lower it now, and when the subsidy is cancelled next year, I will raise it up. In such a short-term operation, if you really don’t have an order, or you have to grab someone else’s order, the damage to the brand is actually predictable.

Maybe we are all used to it, buying this kind of commodity is buying up and not buying down.

In fact, the same is true for the bulk commodity of automobiles. After all, it involves a relatively large amount of money.

It’s not like buying a side dish. Today it is 15 yuan, tomorrow it will be 2 yuan, the day after tomorrow it will rise to 3 yuan, and then it will drop to 1 yuan the day after tomorrow. It doesn’t matter anyway, I buy side dishes every day, and the unit price is only that much.


So this time Tesla cut prices, will domestic new energy follow up immediately? If you don’t have an order in hand, you may take the opportunity to follow up.

But if there are too many orders in my hand and I still can’t deliver the car, I guess I wo n’t follow up for the time being.

Because the subsidy will be canceled soon, and when it goes up and down, it is really unnecessary for them, and the risk of doing so is high.

This is my own understanding, but at present, especially for these new energy vehicles with 20W and more than 30W, there is still quite a lot of room for their price reduction. If everyone is not in a hurry to change the car in the past two years , can wait.

In particular, the update of technology is getting faster and faster, and then the raw materials will not continue to rise indefinitely.

at last

In general, when you buy a new energy vehicle, you think that it is similar to buying a mobile phone. If you buy it, it will fall off. If you wait a little longer, maybe the technology will come up and the price will be lower.

If you are not in a hurry, I really suggest that you can wait a little longer. Don’t think that the subsidy will be cancelled next year. I told you that after the subsidy is cancelled, its technology has improved, and the price of raw materials has come down. The same price, At most, the current price is maintained, but the battery life may be longer, and this is what you earn .