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Very angry, but blocked the car owner group

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The wave of new energy vehicles is coming, and more and more people have a new identity: electric vehicle owners. However, the new energy infrastructure still needs to be perfected, and the confrontation between oil trucks and trams has never stopped. We believe that the popularization of new energy vehicles is just around the corner, so the column “Vehicle Owners School”, which focuses on interviews with electric vehicle owners, came into being, aiming to show everyone the real experience of using trams for reference.

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Since Tesla officially announced the price cut on October 24, the hot searches about Tesla have not stopped, such as “Tesla car owner rights protection”, “Tesla car owners beat sales”, “Crowdfunding rights protection group owner volume” Money runs away”…

Tesla wants to be on the hot search in minutes, but it chose the way to hurt one thousand enemies the most and eight hundred to itself.

Compared with the fierce rights protection online, one car owner was relatively calm. “Although I lost nearly 30,000 a month , I also gave up defending my rights.”

Because “there is no way to do this”, although this wave of Tesla is immoral, there is no violation of the law, and it can only suffer from this dumb loss. Now that four days have passed since the price cut, she can only say one thing, Tesla is too immoral, badass behavior!

The other side of price reduction and rights protection is the official website that is crowded by potential car owners. After Tesla announced the price cut, a large number of users flocked to Tesla’s official website to make an order, which also caused Tesla ‘s official website to crash for a time .

It is foreseeable that although Tesla’s price cut has caused complaints and rights protection, sales will likely continue to rise . Rights protection is still going on, but it can’t hurt Tesla’s foundation in the end.

Putting aside those car owners who are fiercely defending their rights, let’s listen to the real thoughts of a calm car owner. The following is her self-report.


Angry but can’t do anything

This sudden price reduction event has exploded in our car owners group. We all think that we have been deceived by the sales . Although they do not admit that they knew about the price reduction in advance, no one believes the sales.

I had a long chat with Tesla sales before paying the deposit.

Because this is my first car, I asked very detailed questions, such as the pick-up period, government subsidies, and how many discounts there are. They kept urging me to pay the deposit as soon as possible, and then pay to pick up the car.

Source: provided by the owner

The reason is that there are two points. One is to get the car at the end of the year, that is, on December 31, and you can get the government subsidy from Shenzhen if you hang up the license plate , otherwise you can only pay the original price.

Second, the sales estimated the time for me to pick up the car after I paid the deposit. It was said that there was a backlog of orders due to the epidemic in Shanghai some time ago, and it was estimated that it would take 3-4 months from the deposit to the pickup .

According to the meaning of sales, I need to pay the money and pick up the car as soon as possible to enjoy the policy, and it will be suspended a day later. In fact, it’s not just me, there were many car owners who picked up the car some time ago, and everyone was afraid that they would not be able to catch up with the subsidies.

On July 2, I paid a deposit for a Model 3 with rear-wheel drive.

But I didn’t wait for the 3-4 months that the sales said. On September 22, the sales notified me that the car had arrived.

Later, I heard that there was a disguised price reduction , and the insurance could subsidize 7,000 yuan, but this incident did not cause any waves in the car owner group, because we also had an insurance subsidy of 8,000 yuan at the time, but I didn’t care about it.

At that time, the original price of my car was a small 300,000 yuan, and now it has dropped to over 260,000 yuan. Moreover, this price reduction is a bit noisy, and the car owner group has people to defend their rights almost every day.

Source: provided by the owner

And the sales are also in the group, and everyone still calls them immoral, and the sales have never spoken in the group from beginning to end.

In fact, everyone was unhappy, but they couldn’t do anything, just talk to each other, scold and scold, and vent their anger.

Now the group is arguing all day long, and I just blocked it because I didn’t bother to watch it . These can only affect my current state of mind.

I feel that I have already paid for the car, and it is useless to scold anyone now. I can only comfort myself ” buy early and enjoy early .” People who are late can give themselves a little more comfort in comparison. (dog head)

It also has something to do with personal mentality, because some car owners who took the car earlier than me also care about this matter, but it is like buying clothes. It is normal to increase the price and reduce the price. All we can do is Accepting this matter, this kind of business routine, we have no ability to rectify and can only admit it . If we spend as much energy as others on the Internet to defend our rights and fight lawsuits, we will basically not take any advantage.

Now I don’t know if anyone in the car owner group is going to cause trouble, but at present, there should be no progress.

Source: provided by the owner

I don’t have the energy to do it because I still have a life of my own.

But this wave of Tesla’s operations is really unkind, the villain’s behavior, and the development of the matter up to now, I have also learned a long way to gain wisdom, and the trust of this brand in my heart has been compromised.


In fact, I passed Tesla at first sight.

It’s been 5 years since I got my driver’s license, and I haven’t really touched the car a few times. In order to get rid of the crowded subway and bus, I have been thinking about buying a car since this year.

I chose the tram from the very beginning when I looked at the car. It’s not that I didn’t consider the oil car. I shook the Shenzhen oil card for about half a year .

It was quite dramatic to end up with a Tesla Model 3 because I passed the Tesla from the beginning because I don’t like simple interiors, I like the brighter colors, Tess Pulling up a big screen is really not very interesting.

Source Tesla

To be honest, I’m a little disgusted with Tesla’s interiors now.

During that time, there was an auto show in Shenzhen, and I took a fancy to the models of Cadillac and Volkswagen. However, on the one hand, the price exceeds the budget. On the other hand, although the interior of Cadillac is fancy, the interface of the control screen is ugly, giving people a very earthy feeling, and there will be no upgrades later, so I give up after thinking about it.

In fact, among the new energy vehicles, I like NIO’s cars the most. I think it is very suitable for both the appearance and the interior. NIO’s SUVs start at 360,000 yuan. Although it is a bit beyond my budget, I am also ready to bite the bullet and buy one. Weilai ES6.

However, a few friends who drive Tesla still suggested that I start with Tesla, because Weilai, as a niche brand, is a joke, afraid of “no future”.

Tesla is a big brand in the world, with a certain status symbol , and the most important point is that new energy vehicles are a trend. Tesla is a new energy vehicle from the beginning, and it must be in this position. has its advantages,

When I started to give up a brand, I was very concerned about its negative news. Weilai happened to have an accident during that time. The test car fell from the building and the test driver was injured, which made me stand in line with Tesla.

Source: provided by the owner

In the end, it seems that Tesla is still selected. Traditional brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac are themselves gasoline vehicles. Now they do produce several gasoline-electric hybrids or electric vehicles following the trend. I don’t think they are in this aspect. It is professional, just to cater to the market, and the experience is also different from person to person.

I also read a lot of evaluations about Tesla on the platform. I didn’t say no to the experience , so I settled for Tesla.


Charging is not cheap

When I bought a car, I enjoyed a subsidy of 10,000 yuan from the Shenzhen government, a consumption subsidy in Nanshan District, and a purchase tax exemption for electric vehicles. After these three subsidies came down, it was probably reduced by more than 20,000 yuan from the original price .

The original price is about 300,000 yuan, although it has been reduced to 280,000 yuan, but with the addition of 9,800 yuan of insurance and 5,798 yuan of thermal insulation film, because Tesla’s sunroof is transparent glass, it is necessary to buy the best thermal insulation film to be effective. , so it still cost close to 300,000.

Source: provided by the owner

Finally, at the time of payment, there is a discount of 8,000 yuan on the insurance. This discount is reduced from the final total price. In fact, this discount is not very friendly to those who buy a car with a loan. It is better to directly reduce it on the insurance.

It’s only been over a month since I picked up the car, and the total mileage has just reached 300 kilometers. I usually commute to and from get off work, and go to eat and shop on weekends. I haven’t been out of Shenzhen.

But I really want to praise Tesla’s accelerator response. As a novice driver, the most fearful thing is to start too slowly while waiting for the traffic lights, and I dare not drive, which will delay the normal driving of the vehicles behind.

But Tesla doesn’t have to worry about this problem, and the start is very fast. It is said on the Internet that at the moment when the red light turns to green light, the first one to rush out is Tesla, which is somewhat reasonable. The speed of this car is very smooth .

Source: provided by the owner

However, as a novice driver, this is a disadvantage. The starting speed is too fast or the accelerator response is too sensitive, and it is also prone to scratches .

No, just a few days after the new car was driven, I had two minor accidents, which lasted at the 4S store for about a week. Both times, the 4S store charged me.

Usually, I feel like I need to recharge it once a week.

Now I have only recharged it once, which is actually quite a waste of electricity. Because the weather in Shenzhen is still very hot, I have to turn on the air conditioner when I drive. I charged it for an hour and it was fully charged . As expected, I thought the tram would only cost 60 to 70 yuan when fully charged, but it cost 90 that time.

Because it is an overcharge, it is more expensive. I will try another charging station next time, but the charging time will be slower.

However, there are plenty of Tesla charging piles in Shenzhen , such as official charging piles and third-party charging piles. Our company and the community have them, so charging is quite convenient.

Therefore, when the charging piles are very abundant, a new energy vehicle is still relatively cost-effective.

In general, I love the experience and appearance, but I still don’t agree with its overly simple interior. After a while, I plan to put a film on the car, and then remodel it a little, and I will run a long distance when I have time. Have a good experience with this car.