TES really can’t do it! Brother Crystal Live OB Analysis: Anyone who chooses Silas early will win

Recently, Brother Crystal observed the TES showdown during the live broadcast. During the observance, Brother Crystal expressed his pity many times. He bluntly said that the current TES is really not good, there is a problem with the state, and the previous group stage lost two consecutive games. The field also made the state of TES a little wrong. Although TES did not choose the hero of the Czar, they faced the restrictions of the Vietnamese team. They did not choose the two heroes Silas and Akali, but took out the fox. This ob also made Brother Crystal express his helplessness. .

Although the Vietnamese team used Marriott to limit Silas, the left hand can still play Akali, which is also the signature hero of the left hand. But bsyy still did not use these heroes for the left hand, but took out the fox. It is true that the fox is a relatively good hero in the summer split, but in the world competition, the strength of the fox is not as strong as that of Akali and Silas, and it is difficult for the fox to limit Marriott in the mid lane, Brother Crystal. I can’t understand it bluntly, why not use Akali to compete with Marriott?

During the live broadcast of the ob, Brother Crystal also said that if bsyy can take out Silas with his left hand in the first round, then his left hand will definitely be able to play well. There was a saying before, that Silas on the left handed the Czar’s ultimate move and played more than the Czar. On the one hand, he praised the proficiency of the left-handed Silas, and on the other hand, he believed that the left-handed Tsar had no intention of taking the initiative to start a team. Silas was the correct answer to let the left-handed lead the team.

In the process of analysis, Brother Crystal expressed his pity many times. He believed that TES could really continue to shine in the World Championships, but because ob was really not good enough, no matter how hard the players played, they got it. the result of. But Brother Crystal also said that the players’ state is not very good, otherwise they can play well with such an ob.

All in all, Brother Crystal believes that TES is indeed not in a good state now. The coach has a lot of factors, but the players’ state also has a lot of factors. Now that TES has been eliminated from the group stage, it is a pity. After all, if TES can enter the quarterfinals, maybe they can really perform better!