TES is really out of money: the team’s 6-month income is only half of the “left-hand annual salary”

Preamble: After the start of the transfer period, there has been more and more discussion about the player’s annual salary. In addition, there is some news about the team. It is reported that IG did not give the three champions Korean aid enough wages, and RNG was also involved in a lot of entanglements. Now the team can’t sell, so they can only try to find someone to inject capital.

An insider said that WBG and BLG spent the most money last season. Now that they have no money, they will be very cautious in the operation of players during the transfer period. So, BLG, are they really out of money?

BLG is going to change to a new base, TES is really out of money

Recently Uzi, Liu Qingsong and others participated in the “Tower Keeper” event, and fans finally waited for him to show up. When everyone called Liu Qing to let go of the camera to interact, the anchor was perfunctory to the audience. He said that the team will soon move to a new base, which is a luxurious mansion. It seems that BLG still has money, otherwise it would not change bases now.

Seeing the audience’s request, Liu Qingsong “informed” everyone in advance that the camera of the new base had been replaced, and it was broken when the decorator repaired it. They haven’t moved yet, how does Liu Qingsong know that the camera is broken? This is obviously his perfunctory speech, because Liu Qingsong doesn’t want to turn on the camera.

I thought that BLG would give up the “Galaxy Battleship” and recuperate, but I didn’t expect that the team owner was still changing to a big villa, so he didn’t worry about spending too much money. Recently, it was reported that Guo Hao offered A Shui a big contract, which is the maximum salary for the LPL bot lane. There is no news on the left hand, and we may have to wait until the Worlds to see the outcome. The insider also revealed that last season, the major teams gave left-handers a maximum salary of up to 45 million a year.

The team earns half of the “left-hand annual salary” in 6 months, and the s11 is higher than the s12.

If it is so high, the left hand will give up more than 20 million, just to stay in TES for “brother LOL”? The insider said that the left-handed parents really wanted him to go to the new team, but the player wanted to “win another championship with the brothers”.

Recently, the parent company of TES released a performance announcement. The calculation time is from February 28 to August 31, a total of six months. It can be seen that the e-sports revenue was 25.3 million, accounting for 0.2% of the total. During the same period last season, the TES club’s e-sports revenue was 31.3 million, accounting for the same proportion. Compared with s11, s12’s revenue fell by 19.2%. Of course, this is not only a branch of League of Legends, but also other branches such as King.

In the s10 season, the total annual income of the TES club was 81.5 million, which is still profitable. In the s11 season, the TES club’s total annual income was 66 million, almost double the half-year income. In this way, the s12 season may only be 50 million, which is equivalent to the “annual salary of the left hand”, which of course refers to the legendary annual salary.


A few years ago, EDG Abu said that the current clubs do not make any money except EDG. At present, this is true. Now it is not to compare who earns more, but who loses less. At that time, Knight’s annual salary, I refer to the figure in the legend, in fact, we don’t know exactly how much his annual salary is.

Although e-sports has developed extremely rapidly in recent years, and LPL teams have repeatedly won championships in the world arena, these clubs are still unable to make ends meet. This is particularly evident in RNG, which obviously does not conform to the healthy development of the e-sports industry. I hope that our e-sports industry can be standardized as soon as possible and develop sustainably.