terrible! Is the whole circle so rolled now?


Is the whole circle so rolled now?

A few days ago, Yang watched the Korean variety show “Pure Like”. A 26-year-old Korean girl named Liang Huizhen had plastic surgery more than 40 times because of her low self-esteem.

She has been thinking about plastic surgery since her second year of high school. The first plastic surgery fee was to go to a second-hand store to sell a piece of her own brand of clothing, and then went to have her double eyelids cut.

The first time I did it, it didn’t work.

Later, it was repaired intermittently, and 15 double eyelid surgeries were done before and after.

These are her eyes now.

It looks like this from a distance.

She later did 5 more forehead lifts, 15 eye lifts, and 3 nose lifts.

The nose looks like this now.

Also did 2 chin and 1 cheekbones.

Even because her boyfriend likes thin ankles, she ran to have an operation to thin her ankles.

With liposuction and injections, a total of 40 operations were performed before and after.

Here’s how she describes her plastic surgery: “The suction and contouring were really painful, the most painful thing was moving the forehead forward, and it was very painful to cut and lift the scalp.”

Looking at the before and after photos of her, the nose looks okay, and the smiling lips seem to be unsuccessful.

Looking at static images can also be said to be natural.

But it’s still a bit weird to do a dynamic map.

Is the overall feeling or hairstyle change ➕ skin whitening + aging temperament change play a greater role?

As a result of her 40 plastic surgeries and crazy involution, Yang felt that it was still a small loss.

Hidden ribs under armpit

Shit must be fragrant

The inner volume of the whole circle is not only the crazy adjustment of girls who like plastic surgery, but also the strict aesthetic teachings of the whole circle of bloggers.

Sheep recently saw a blogger’s post about teaching girls to be beautiful.

It is said that eating well can become beautiful, which is also recognized by sheep. Diet has a great impact on our skin condition and mental state.

But this blogger directly mentioned diet to the level of “education”!

A comment below began to echo, saying that because his ex drank cleanly, the cakes he pulled were fragrant!


How does the sheep comment on this? Is it okay to listen to other people?

This comment was scolded a lot, and Zhengzhu came out to respond again, and claimed that his fans were “Lu Jiajun”.

The main owner was originally a blogger in the whole circle, but he didn’t expect to be picked up because of this incident to be the king of the whole circle of introverts.

Go to the beauty salon 5 times a week.

In order to do the project, I ran around the country and followed the doctor.

Girls are also encouraged to save a rib in the armpit for a second nose repair, which…

I feel fat when I weigh more than 90 pounds.

Also publish their own x life online.

It’s hard not to be understood as a female rivalry cue.

After reading this blogger’s Weibo, Yang felt that many of her popular sciences were quite practical.

But the problem is, for plastic surgery, it is really too high and too introverted.

Take the dowry for liposuction

The girls who were hurt by plastic surgery

For the blogger mentioned above, it would be better if her fans were mature adults.

I am afraid that I will be really speechless when I meet the person in the picture below who is going to get married for liposuction and take a dowry for plastic surgery.

Although the girl didn’t get married for liposuction in the end, she took a fancy to beauty loans again.

Have to worry about her decision.

Sheep observed that in life, there are many girls who are brainwashed by the whole circle of bloggers like the above picture.

They have extremely serious appearance anxiety and do plastic surgery frequently.

Some still fine-tune some big items repeatedly, such as the nose.

Frugal food should also be done.

Yang saw a netizen who regretted having a B cup and felt that it should be bigger.

There are also many girls tossing back and forth between different templates because they do not have a definite self-aesthetic.

Even take risks and choose inappropriate materials and solutions.

Some people take strange medicines for breast enhancement.

When the sheep saw them, they were really sympathetic.

On the one hand, their knowledge of medical beauty and plastic surgery is not scientific enough.

The second is that they serve too much beauty in their own values!

As the blogger mentioned above said, push yourself into the shaped track, and then keep pushing yourself to run.

Forcing oneself like this and brainwashing oneself can also have tragic consequences.

Loans, facial deformities, depression, more losses than gains.

Sheep recently watched the interview with actor Lin Haoyang in “Sweet honey sinks like frost”, and felt that the summary was in place.

Repeated adjustment and repair, if you are sensitive, your mind will be easily worn away.

Lin Haoyang, who has had plastic surgery since his freshman year, suddenly restored his face recently.

Take a look at the comparison chart.

He said that he didn’t look good after the whole thing, but he couldn’t understand the reason at the time.

From appearance anxiety to obsession with plastic surgery, there are no other channels to resolve the difficulties and anxiety encountered.

ta spent millions of plastic surgery and regretted it

Some people are not suitable for

Like Lin Haoyang’s point of view, Yang is not against everyone’s plastic surgery, because some people will be more confident after plastic surgery, have more jobs, and have better opportunities for relationships.

What Sheep opposes is the simple, rude and unworkable underlying logic that plastic surgery can solve all life dilemmas!

As the following netizen said, using appearance to enhance the feasibility of opposing women can do a good job in their careers.

Feelings are not going well, is it going to be okay?

Like the girl who was mentioned 40 times at the beginning, it was only after the whole thing that she realized that she became beautiful only because a stranger asked her for her phone number.

As for the emotional road in the future, it is still a long way, not to mention work, and it is not something that can be done only by beauty.

Lin Haoyang also said that the amount of plastic surgery on everyone’s face is different and limited.

Excessive filling, double eyelid cut too large, excessively high nose, too pointed chin or obvious injection.

The traces of plastic surgery are too heavy, the project is too exaggerated, and it is easy to become a human Barbie.

It looks fine in the camera, but in reality it will feel distorted.

Not beautiful, let alone textured.

Some people are skinny and have strong recovery ability, but some people are over-adjusted and there is no way to turn back.

Really, don’t do it repeatedly if you can.

Sheep also found that many people who engage in plastic surgery and involution have not even laid the most basic foundation for beauty.

Sheep has repeatedly emphasized that people’s impression of a person is holistic.

Check out a recent photo of Jun Ji-hyun, 41, in a recent commercial.

Covering the face is still a beautiful atmosphere.

At first glance, your figure, skin, hair quality, and outfit are more important than whether you have European-style wide double eyelids or natural open fan double eyelids.

The same is true for ordinary girls, instead of spending time looking for various strategies, making various plans, looking for various famous doctors, and enduring a long recovery period from surgery.

It’s better to do a good job of these low-damage beautification methods first.

What’s more, what some people need is not plastic surgery at all, but anti-aging!

After all, looks are important, but not as important as some girls think.

In interpersonal communication, people still pay more attention to your strength and achievements.

Because the more modern and civilized society is, the more it will de-value and de-gender.

Plastic surgery isn’t something to criticize, but it’s not the only life-saver either.

Sheep encourages everyone to be beautiful, but it encourages everyone to be safe and beautiful, and healthy to be beautiful. This kind of health is not only physical health, but also psychological health.

The real beauty is not crazy self-doubt, competing with yourself millimeter by millimeter, but self-consistency and self-confidence, learning to accept yourself and like yourself.