Terms of Service

Welcome to “HCINFONEWS” (hereinafter referred to as “this website”, and “we”)!

In order for you to better use our services, we have established the “Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as “terms”) of this website. Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the contents of each clause, especially the clauses that exempt or limit the liability of this website, the clauses that restrict the rights of users, the clauses that stipulate the method of dispute resolution and jurisdiction (such as the relevant agreements in Article 18), etc. . Restrictions, disclaimers or other terms involving your material rights and interests may be bolded, underlined, etc. to remind you to pay attention.

Unless you have fully read, fully understood, and accepted all the terms of these terms, please stop accessing this website immediately. If you click “Agree” or “Next”, or you continue to visit this website or accept these terms in any other express or implied manner, you are deemed to have read and agreed to sign these terms. These terms shall have legal effect between you and this website and become a legal document binding on both parties.

If you do not have full capacity for civil conduct due to factors such as age, intelligence, etc., please read and judge whether you agree with these terms accompanied by a legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as “guardian”), and pay special attention to the terms of use for minors.

In addition, you shall comply with the laws of the country or region to which you belong and/or operate.

1. [Scope of the Agreement]

1.1 These Terms are an agreement between you and this website.

1.2 The content of these terms also includes the “Privacy Policy” (https://www.hcinfonews.com/privacy) of this website, and when you use a specific service of this website, the service may have a separate agreement and related business rules. etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Separate Agreement”). Once the above content is officially released, it is an integral part of these terms, and you should also abide by it. Your acceptance of any of the foregoing separate agreements shall be deemed your acceptance of these Terms in their entirety. Your acceptance of these terms constitutes your acceptance of the Privacy Policy of this website.

2. [Your personal information protection]

2.1 We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy. This website will collect, use, store and share your personal information in accordance with these terms and the provisions of this website’s “Privacy Policy” (https://www.hcinfonews.com/privacy). If this clause does not explicitly stipulate the relevant content of personal information protection, the content of the “Privacy Policy” of this website shall prevail.

2.2 This website will use various security technologies and procedures as far as possible to establish a sound management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

2.3 This website will not transfer or disclose your personal information to any third party unless:

a. Relevant laws and regulations or the requirements of judicial and administrative agencies.

b. Necessary to provide the service you request.

c. In accordance with the “Privacy Policy” or other relevant agreement rules can be transferred or disclosed to any third party.

2.4 This website attaches great importance to the protection of minors’ personal information. If you do not have full capacity for civil conduct, you should obtain the consent of your guardian in advance before using the services of this website.

3. [How to use this website]

3.1 This service is only for your personal non-commercial use, unless you have agreed otherwise with this website.

3.2 Your rights under these Terms are not transferable.

3.3 You shall not use any means (including but not limited to third-party software, plug-ins, plug-ins, systems, devices, etc.) to interfere with, destroy, modify or exert other influences on this service.

3.4 You should use this service in the way provided or approved by this website, and you are not allowed to log in or use this service through any third-party software, plug-in, plug-in, system, device, etc.

3.5 No one is allowed to use any third-party software, plug-ins, plug-ins, systems, etc. to view or obtain any information, data, etc. contained in this website without the authorization of this website. rule.

4. [Services are provided as they are]

You understand and agree that:

4.1 This website is provided according to the status quo that the existing technology and conditions can achieve. This website will do its best to ensure the continuity and security of services, but we cannot foresee and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time. We are exempt from liability for such risks to the extent permitted by law, including but not limited to force majeure, virus, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, third-party service defects, government actions, etc. may cause service interruption, data loss, and other losses and risks.

4.2 Due to reasons such as business strategy arrangements or adjustments, the content of specific services available to users in different regions may vary, and the actual provision of this website shall prevail.

5. [self-provided equipment]

5.1 You should understand that when you use this service, you need to prepare your own terminal equipment (such as computers, mobile terminals and necessary network access equipment) related to related services, and bear the required expenses (such as telephone charges, Internet access charges, etc. cost).

5.2 You understand and agree that your use of this service will consume resources such as your terminal equipment and bandwidth.

6. [Advertising]

6.1 You agree that this website can send and display advertisements or other information (including commercial and non-commercial information) to you by itself or by a third party by means of text messages, emails or electronic messages, and the specific sending and display forms of advertisements or other information. , frequency and content are subject to the actual provision of this website.

6.2 This website will carry out advertising business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. You agree that you should carefully judge the authenticity and reliability of the advertisements appearing in this service, and you shall be responsible for the behaviors implemented due to the advertisements, except as expressly provided by law.

7. [Service Fees]

7.1 This website service does not charge any fees, please be aware.

7.2 This website may make changes to free services according to actual needs. Before any modification, change or start of charging, this website will make a notice or announcement on the corresponding service page. If you do not agree with the above modifications, changes or paid content, you should stop using the service.

7.3 When this website reduces the charging standard of the paid service or changes the paid service to a free service, this website reserves the right not to provide refunds or fee adjustments to the original paying users.

8. [Products or services provided by third parties]

When you link to the products or services provided by a third party due to your visit to this website, in addition to complying with these terms, you should also comply with the service agreement of the third party. You and a third party are responsible for any disputes that may arise within the scope of legal provisions and agreements.

9. [Providing services based on software]

If this website relies on “software” to provide you with services, you should also abide by the following agreements:

9.1 You may need to download software in the process of using this website. For these software, this website gives you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license. You may use these software only for the purpose of using this website.

9.2 In order to improve user experience, and ensure the security of services and the consistency of product functions, this website may update the software. You should update the relevant software to the latest version, otherwise this website does not guarantee that the software or services can be used normally.

9.3 This website may develop different software versions for different terminal devices, you should choose to download the appropriate version for installation according to the actual situation. You can obtain software directly from this website or from third parties authorized by this website. If you obtain software or an installation program with the same name as the software from a third party that is not authorized by this website, this website cannot guarantee the security of the software or the normal use of services, and will not be responsible for any loss caused to you.

9.4 Unless the written permission of this website, you shall not engage in any of the following acts:

a. Remove copyright information from the Software and its copies.

b. Reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile the software, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the software.

c. Use, rent, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, publish, publish, and establish mirror sites for the content of this website that has intellectual property rights.

d. Copy, modify, add, delete, or hang the software or the data released into the memory of any terminal during the running of the software, the interactive data between the client and the server during the running of the software, and the system data necessary for the running of the software. Directly run or create any derivative works, including but not limited to the use of plug-ins, plug-ins or third-party tools/services not authorized by this website to access software and related systems.

e. Add, delete, change the functions or operating effects of the software by modifying or falsifying the instructions and data in the running of the software or operate or disseminate the software and methods used for the above-mentioned purposes to the public, regardless of these behaviors whether for commercial purposes.

f. Log in to or use the software and services of this website through any means such as third-party software, plug-ins, plug-ins, systems, and equipment not developed and authorized by this website, or create, publish, and disseminate non-developed and authorized third-party software for login purposes. Or use the third-party software, plug-ins, plug-ins, systems, equipment, etc. of the software and services of this website.

10. [Contents of this site]

10.1 Our aim is convenient for our readers to read all the news on one site. The contents provided on this site are according to/collected from the world on the internet. You are responsible for fact-checking if some contents are not facts or accurate.

10.2 We are not responsible for ensuring the contents are factual or accurate.

11. [Intellectual Property Rights Statement]

11.1 The intellectual property rights of the content provided by this website (including but not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, computer software, etc.) belong to this website, and the intellectual property rights of the content generated by users when using the services of this website belong to the users or related rights holders, unless you have agreed otherwise with this website.

11.2 Unless otherwise specified, the copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights of the software on which this website provides services belong to this website.

11.3 The copyrights or trademarks of the commercial logos such as “HCINFONEWS”, “hcinfonews.com” and related images used in the provision of services on this website belong to this website.

11.4 The intellectual property rights of the above and any other content contained in this service are protected by laws and regulations. Without the written permission of this website, users or relevant rights holders, no one may use or create related derivative works in any form

12 [Comply with local laws and regulations]

12.1 You should abide by relevant local laws and regulations and respect local morals and customs in the process of using this website. If your behavior violates local laws, regulations or morals, you should be solely responsible for this.

12.2 You should avoid using the services provided by this website to cause this website to violate laws and regulations or get involved in political and public events, otherwise this website has the right to suspend or terminate your services.

13. [Contents of Sending and Dissemination and Handling of Complaints]

13.1 You are solely responsible for the content (including but not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, etc.) that you send or transmit through this website.

13.2 The content you send or disseminate should have legal sources, and the relevant content is owned by you or you have obtained the necessary authorization.

13.3 If the content you send or disseminate violates the law or violates the rights of others, this website has the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as deleting, blocking or disconnecting.

13.4 If you are complained by others or you complain about others, this website has the right to provide the relevant parties or relevant departments with necessary information such as the subject information, contact information, and content of the complaint, so as to resolve the complaint in a timely manner and protect the The legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

13.5 You promise to be responsible for the authenticity, legality and validity of the information, materials, evidence, etc. you provide in the complaint handling procedure.

14. [Force Majeure and Other Exemptions]

14.1 You understand and agree that in the process of using this service, you may encounter risk factors such as force majeure, which may affect this service. Force majeure refers to objective events that cannot be foreseen, overcome and unavoidable and have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, plagues and storms, and social events such as wars, turmoil, government actions, etc. . When the above situation occurs, this website will deal with it in a timely manner, but this website is exempt from liability to the extent permitted by law for the losses caused to you.

14.2 To the extent permitted by law, this website is not responsible for service interruption or obstruction caused by the following circumstances:

a. You are damaged by computer viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious programs, and hacker attacks.

b. Failure of the computer software, hardware and communication lines used by you or this website.

c. You use this website improperly or in a way not authorized by this website.

d. The program version you are using is out of date, the device is outdated and/or other compatibility issues.

e. Other circumstances beyond the control or reasonably foreseeable of this website.

14.3 You understand and agree that in the process of using this service, you may encounter risks brought by network information or other user behaviors. This website is not responsible for the authenticity, applicability and legality of any information, nor is it liable for any infringement You are responsible for any damage caused by your actions. These risks include but are not limited to:

a. Information that contains threatening, defamatory, objectionable or illegal content from others anonymously or impersonating.

b. Suffer any psychological, physical harm and economic loss caused or likely to be caused by others misleading, deceived or otherwise.

c. Other risks arising from network information or user behavior.

14.4 This website obtains the right to deal with illegal content in accordance with the terms of this article. This right does not constitute an obligation or commitment of this website. This website cannot guarantee timely detection of illegal acts or corresponding processing.

14.5 Under any circumstances, you should not take loans, ask for passwords or other information involving property. If it involves property operations, please verify the identity of the other party first, and please always pay attention to the tips on preventing fraud and crimes.

15 [Entry into force and modification of the agreement]

15.1 By visiting this website, you are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms.

15.2 This website reserves the right to modify the content of these terms when necessary. You can review the latest version of the Terms of Service on the relevant service page.

15.3 After these terms are changed, if you continue to use the software or services provided by this website, you will be deemed to have accepted the change.

16. [Change, Interruption and Termination of Services]

16.1 You understand and agree that this website may change the service content based on the adjustment of the operation strategy, and may also interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.

16.2 In the event of a merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer on this website, this website may transfer relevant assets under this website to a third party; this website may also transfer some or all of the services and corresponding rights under this clause after unilaterally notifying you. The transfer of obligations is operated or performed by a third party. The specific transferee is subject to the announcement on this website.

16.3 In the event of any of the following circumstances, this website has the right to interrupt or terminate the service to you without notice:

a. According to laws and regulations, you should submit real information, but the personal information you provide is not true, or is inconsistent with the information at the time of registration and fails to provide reasonable proof.

b. You violate the provisions of relevant laws and regulations or violate the terms of this article.

c. In accordance with laws and regulations, as required by judicial organs or competent authorities.

d. For security reasons or other necessary circumstances.

16.4 It is your responsibility to back up the data stored on the Service yourself. If your service is terminated, this website has the right to permanently delete your data from the server, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations. After the service is suspended or terminated, this website has no obligation to provide or return data to you.

17. [Terms of Use for Minors]

17.1 If you are under the age of 18, you are a minor, and you should read these terms and use this website under the supervision and guidance of your guardian.

17.2 Minors are not deeply involved in the world, are easily confused by virtual images on the Internet, have strong curiosity, lack the ability to adapt to situations, and are easily used by people with ulterior motives and lack the ability to protect themselves. Therefore, minor users should pay attention to the following matters when using this service, improve safety awareness, and strengthen self-protection:

a. Recognize the difference between the online world and the real world, and avoid being addicted to the Internet, which will affect the daily learning and life.

b. When filling in personal information, strengthen the awareness of personal protection to avoid harassment of personal life by bad actors.

c. Under the guidance of guardians or teachers, learn to use the Internet correctly.

d. Avoid random meeting of strangers or participation in social activities, so as to avoid illegal elements taking advantage of it and endangering their own safety.

17.3 Guardians and schools should provide more guidance for minors to use this service. In particular, parents should be concerned about their children’s growth, pay attention to communication with their children, and guide their children on the security issues they should pay attention to when they go online, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

17.4 If an adult who has reached the age of 18 does not have full capacity for civil conduct for any reason, please refer to the relevant provisions of the terms of use for minors that apply to these terms.

18. [other]

If you have comments or suggestions about these Terms or the Service, you are welcome to contact us via email at the bottom of this website.

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