Ten questions and ten answers on HMI basic knowledge, and some thoughts

“HMI” is the abbreviation of Human-Machine Interface, and it is also the medium of interaction and information exchange between the system and users, which realizes the conversion between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to human beings. The last article introduced some basic knowledge of HMI. This article is a supplement to the previous article. Let’s take a look.

1. What is the HMI workflow like?

The HMI workflow and other design workflows are basically the same. It takes at least half a year from the design of the entire vehicle system to the launch, and even more than a year. How to do a good job in project management is also what I am working on. direction.

Let’s take a look at this process:

In the early stage of the product, confirm the basic requirements of the project with the company’s senior management, as well as the project time planning, and finally the consideration of manpower allocation. These must have actual project experience to know, otherwise you really don’t know what to do at all. , HMI projects are still very different from other mobile terminals, and the time period is definitely far exceeded.

After confirming the basic content of the project, what we need to do is to analyze the competing products, dismantle them from the aspects of function, interaction, and vision, and do a good job of analyzing the documents of the competing products. The next step is for the product manager to confirm the function points of the vehicle system and output the corresponding PRD document. Next, the interaction designer / UI designer / R&D should be pulled for review. The final review is confirmed and then output to the interaction design. division.

The interaction designer outputs the interaction logic diagram corresponding to the system module according to the PRD document of the product manager, and also explores new interaction methods to improve the overall user experience. When the interaction designer completes the interaction draft, he needs to pull the previous wave People continue to review the interaction design draft, and after passing it, the UI designer is output. When the UI designer has discussed the general direction of the system in the early stage of the product, he can actually define the UI style, deduce the design of the multi-vehicle system scheme, and design the content of the deduced schemes after a small review meeting. , and then pull up the project executive to finally confirm which plan to use. When the plan is confirmed, the UI interface of the vehicle system starts to be output. During the output process, the design specifications and the construction of the component library must be carried out. These contents are continuously added along with the project process. The UI renderings of each module are output. It is necessary to pull in the design internal personnel to confirm that the design is correct, and then start the docking research and development.

After the design draft is docked, it needs to be handed over to R&D to develop the page. Design specifications play a very good role in R&D communication, why? After I explained these design specifications to R&D at the beginning, I gave R&D a basis, which greatly reduced the communication cost. Otherwise, I kept asking about the details of the design every day. I was done like this when I first started working. I will do this work according to my experience to optimize the workflow, which is also the beginning of my project management experience.

After the research and development output is completed, the installation package will be versioned and put into the car. Following the test, a test of the functions, interaction logic, visual restoration, and interactive experience in the system will be carried out. Problems will be raised and bugs will be raised. Give it to the corresponding person to modify it. Of course, our UI design also needs to conduct a UI walkthrough, because the UI designer is more professional and can find problems.

In the process of the project, we often encounter product demand changes, interactive logic changes, and visual design optimization, etc. All problems are solved, the vehicle system can run through the whole process normally, and we are ready to launch a new car launch conference. The function of the in-vehicle system was demonstrated at the press conference.

When the project is coming to an end, the entire project team has to conduct a review of their respective fields. My designer also needs it. The follow-up is the OTA upgrade and iteration of the in-vehicle system. Each OTA push will have some new function points, or for specific A certain function point is optimized.

2. How to cooperate with each other at work?

In terms of cooperation at work, I have some cautions. Every company may have different work cooperation, just like some companies use Feishu for office work, and some use DingTalk. Our company uses Feishu, and it feels really good after more than 2 years. Whether it is writing documents or scheduling projects, you can get started quickly.

The design software we use is different, and the management methods are also different. Figma can be operated by multiple people at the same time, and the files are all on his cloud, which will be much more convenient, but what if some companies do not use this software? We use Apple’s cloud to synchronize in real time, and the file is in a shared state. The advantage is that the file is no longer used for transmission, and it is copied directly. Why do I mention copying here, because the real-time operation of the cloud can only be One person, if there are more than one person, he will make an error, he will ask you to confirm to save that version, so the content needs to modify the file, you need to communicate first, if someone is operating, you copy the file to the local to modify, Update it after modification.

At the beginning, we used plug-ins to connect with R&D, because Blue Lake needs to apply for a fee with the company to use it. Later, after the fee was approved, our entire department also changed to Blue Lake. After uploading Blue Lake, it is also convenient for R&D, testing and viewing.

Another trick here is how to quickly respond to the modification of the vehicle visual inspection. When the UI is inspected, there will be some places that require UI modification. How can we verify it quickly, because the size of the tablet is similar to that of the car and the machine Big, we will export the modified renderings and put them in the central control position of the vehicle. We will design and verify them. If there is no problem, we will connect the modified design to the research and development. A problem needs to be adjusted many times, which is also a small trick I found to be able to quickly connect and modify the problem.

Because all kinds of problems may arise in work, everyone should solve them according to the actual situation.

3. Do you still insist on the C-side and the B-side?

How do we choose the path we want to take in the future? Someone asked me to stick to the C-side and the B-side? I would like to know what is the root cause of you asking me this question? In fact, I also know in my heart what are the reasons for you to ask me such questions?

Assuming the scene in your mind:

Ah, I have done all my portfolios, but I haven’t found a job after a long search. Is it suitable for me to do design? What can I do if I don’t do design? Once I doubted myself and denied myself, this category is not bad, at least they have done their portfolios, and they are preparing for the interview.

To sum up the problems of the above people:

When I encounter difficulties, I don’t know how to solve them, and I even want to avoid the problem. If I want to try another industry, maybe it will work. I want to try everything. What I want to tell you is that if you don’t If you learn how to solve problems, then there is a high probability that you will not be able to solve the problem if you switch to another industry or other track, because your first reaction is to choose to escape. Of course, some students are trying to find out what is the root cause of the problem. , and then solve it. If you really work hard to solve it, and you still can’t get ashore, you can change the track. To be honest, the market is not as good as a year.

The final suggestion for you is:

It mainly depends on which industry you like, and if you are interested in this industry, you will do everything seriously if you are interested. Promise me not to be an emotionless design output machine, which is what I don’t want to see.

There will definitely be some very basic tasks at work, and everyone will complain. This is a waste of time and I don’t want to do it. This kind of thing can’t account for a lot, otherwise you will really become a robot and an operator.

If you find that you have not grown, you have to reflect on the problem, whether you have not found the right way to learn, or you are just doing a marginal job in this company, causing yourself to waste a lot of time. If it’s the latter, do a portfolio change job as soon as possible. What about the first one? Learning this thing, you still have to find a pace that suits your own rhythm, really! The experience of people who come here is the word “persistence”.

Why do you say that? If I can’t come up, I have to study hard now. On the first day, I stayed up late to work until 2 or 3 in the morning, and I didn’t want to work the next day. It was so tiring! Take a day off today, continue tomorrow, just make an excuse for yourself. On the third day, you may have forgotten what you said to do the day before. As soon as a friend called to play the game, he played the game in three rows, and then finished the game. Very upset after that. Yes, these are all things I have experienced before, so it is very, very important for me to make a reasonable study plan for myself. I stipulate what time to do what I do, and I can also reward myself with one after finishing today’s things. hours game.

If you really focus on doing one thing later, you may not think about nipple fun, and we have to learn to delay gratification.

The second is to continuously improve the efficiency of my own learning. In the early stage, it took me one and a half months to write an article. Now, if it is fast, it will take two weeks.

So, if you have achieved something in a certain field, then please keep moving forward, don’t change the track easily, changing the track means you have to start from 0. If you really want to change the track, please be sure to familiarize yourself with this track in advance, and have a planned study, don’t fight unprepared battles, or you will lose miserably.

4. How to find HMI vehicle material reference?

How do we find the design reference of the vehicle class? Every car company’s official website will have some pictures of the car and machine. We can go to every car company and take a moment. Your material library must already have some stock.

If you want to see the rendering of a car after it has landed, there are 4 options.

The first is to go to the major car platforms to search for the central control pictures of the corresponding car. Each car has a lot. The only disadvantage is that the picture is not very large. The second way is to go to the 4S store for a test drive, and take pictures when you have the opportunity. If it is inconvenient, go to the 4S store. The third way is: to see if the friends around you have these trams, you can ask him to help provide some materials. If it doesn’t work, the fourth option is to find a few people to rent a car together and record the material.

Go to the design platform to collect some good materials, such as flower petals, station cool, chasing waves, etc. The other two need a ladder to go out to see, everyone must know, I won’t mention it.

5. How to develop your own HMI study plan?

How should we develop our own HMI study plan? In fact, it is tied to our second theme today. For the second part, I will first show you what we need to do, and what we need to do. Only then can you formulate your own reasonable learning goals and plans for these.

Most of the students here still want to take UI vision. I will start with the visual learning plan. Here, I will also announce part of our 21-day punch-in plan in advance.

Step 1: Start by collecting vehicle materials. Someone here will definitely ask, where are these materials collected? What is the entered keyword for the search?

If you really want to get into this line of work, then even if you are busy every day, you have to give me 45 minutes to collect materials, accumulate your own material library, and enhance your vision. To collect these materials, you must also analyze the advantages and disadvantages of its design. If you don’t reflect on it all the time, and do it to complete the task, then don’t do it at the beginning, and get up an hour early in the morning to study, it will make you very uncomfortable. own pain. So we have to cherish this time and make good use of it.

I will not introduce some well-known design websites. I will mention some of the search keywords here. You can take screenshots and save them. The designer will recommend these two to you first. Brother, there will be a Zaku boss for a while, you can search for it; Zhanku has some people who have posted works that participated in the BYD and Pentium competitions, you can also search and see. These are the ones most of you know how to search.

Next, I will talk about some special ones. For example, you can go to the official website to search for the official website of the company. I will take you to see it. Their official website is also a good eye-opening resource, and some have video screens. Another is to go to a platform website such as Autohome to find some renderings of landing products. I will also show you how to find them.

The last one is to go to the 4S store to make an appointment for a test drive, and then you can take some pictures. There are also auto shows held regularly in places like Shanghai and Beijing. In the past few days when the auto show is held, you will take pictures with your life and find a few friends with you. , Everyone went to take pictures of different cars, because there are too many cars on the auto show.

Let’s talk about the collection of materials first. We must develop the habit of collecting materials every day.

In terms of materials, it is to improve your design strength, so how do you learn about vehicle-related knowledge? To be honest, the knowledge of the car is really difficult to learn if no one brings it. It is not like the C-end threshold is relatively low.

Now take notes seriously for me. First of all, you have to download the apps of leading car companies, such as Xiaopeng Motors, Ideal Auto, and Weilai Automobile. These car companies will all have community content. There are a lot of things in it that can supplement your lack of knowledge, and some have videos explaining the basic operation of the car, etc. This must be downloaded; you must download not only their APPs, but also their WeChat public accounts for these leading car companies. Pay attention, because they will send tweets on a regular basis; and Douyin should also pay attention to this type of car company. You can also search for other car companies and add them to your list.

There will also be a lot of video explanations on station B and Douyin, let’s take a look.

Basic knowledge is definitely inseparable from reading professional articles, but there are still relatively few articles on HMI design. There are still a few big guys in Zhihu. They are very professional and may have less knowledge related to design. But their articles are quite professional, and if you don’t understand a little bit, you can continue to Baidu to find the points you don’t understand. I have already told all of these learning resources to my friends. Can you arrange the learning task plan?

At the end of the article, I recommend two HMI books to everyone. There are not many books related to HMI design.

The first book is strongly recommended to buy, which contains a lot of HMI knowledge, including introduction to interaction design, basic cognitive psychology, decision making and situational awareness, multimodal interaction, psychological load, driving distraction and fatigue, interaction Interface and user experience, interaction design theory, design process, design method, design and evaluation, human factors in autonomous driving, application of driving simulators, and behavioral research methods. I mentioned the HCI profession earlier. This book is basically Contains a lot of content.

The value of buying the second book is not as great as the first book, because the second book only has chapters 2, 3, and 10, which are still useful to us. The remaining chapters are all about professional technologies such as lighting display, Seat adjustment, as well as interior and exterior intelligent control technology, these are the knowledge of hardware design


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