Ten Hag: Ronaldo can still score more than 20 goals as long as he seizes the opportunity

  Manchester United coach Ten Hag does not doubt Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability, saying that as long as he seizes the opportunity well, he can definitely score more than 20 goals for the team.

  Ronaldo made his comeback against Sharif in midweek and scored for Manchester United. Asked if Ronaldo could score 24 goals for United like he did last season, Ten Hag said, “It depends on Cristiano. But if you look at the numbers and look at the chances he created for his team-mates last week, And the chances that his teammates create for him, you will find that he still has the ability to run out of the right position and get the ball into the net, so anything is possible.”

  Ronaldo has only started twice in the Premier League this season, with most of his playing time in the Europa League. Some people said that Ten Hag was sending a substitute to play in the Europa League, but Ten Hag denied: “I don’t have a Europa League team or a Premier League team in my blueprint. I will analyze the opponents before the game and work out tactics to beat them. , like I’m focusing on Sunday’s game against West Ham. Then the team will decide on the starting 11 and have a plan B or C to win the game, so the ultimate goal is to get 3 points, the club needs more than 11 players , and any player needed.”

  Manchester United’s ability to seize opportunities in the last few games is not strong, and they have only won 2 of the last 5 league games. Ten Hag said that building a team is not something that can be done overnight. “It takes time to build a team. It is impossible to go from 0 to 100 all at once. The head coach must build the team from the basics and build a good foundation to create a peak. Now you need to work on the attacking side, which is the hardest part of the game, so it needs more time.”