Technology lights up the future Yaoguang builds 400,000 leapfrog smart cockpits

On October 27, Starway Motors held the Yaoguang Lab-Xiong Lion Ecology 2023 Media Analysis Conference with the theme of “Yaoguang Sees the Future” at Beijing Houshan Art Center. Hundreds of well-known media from all over the country gathered here. Witness the latest scientific and technological achievements of Yaoguang Laboratory, interpret the multi-dimensional layout of Lion Ecology 2023, and explore the wisdom of Yaoguang intelligent cockpit!  

Starway said that Lion Ecology 2023 will be equipped for the first time on the first strategic model of Starway Motors for the next stage, Yaoguang. With a more intelligent vehicle system, it will achieve 400,000 leapfrog smart cockpits. Yaoguang will realize the high-level evolution of intelligent technology, not only showing the high-end strength of China’s intelligent manufacturing, boosting the upward development of Xingtu brand, but also stirring up the high-end intelligent SUV market, leading the new era of China’s automobile intelligence!  

Bringing together the power of science and technology, the Lion Ecology 2023 unveils the mystery  

After more than 20 years of market development, the exploration has never stopped. Chery has always been at the forefront of the times, focusing on the innovation and upgrading of core technologies to achieve innovative development. Chery has invested heavily in innovation and technology. With the evolution and breakthrough of technology, it has achieved a higher level of product strength and created a competitive advantage in the global market.  

In September this year, Chery Group, facing the future, officially released the “Yaoguang 2025” forward-looking technology strategy, covering the four major technical fields of Mars architecture, Xingnu Power, Lion intelligence and Galaxy ecology, and strives to create a platform architecture, three power, intelligent 13 core technologies including driving, intelligent cloud platform, and ecosystem, build a technological innovation chain for the new era. Under this strategy, in the next five years, the R&D investment will exceed 100 billion yuan, 20,000+ R&D talents will be cultivated, 300 Yaoguang laboratories will be established to support cross-science and cross-border technology research, and the realization of Yaoguang’s 2025 strategy will be promoted.  

At the meeting, He Lei, Director of Intelligent Cockpit Development of Starway, said that Lion Ecology 2023 is the specific implementation of Yaoguang’s 2025 strategic plan. Driving ecology, smart cloud ecology, smart cabin ecology, smart data ecology, and build a lion ecological intelligent ecosystem. It drives product design and innovation with data and user experience, creates scenario-based services and user value, and will continue to promote intelligent evolution in the future.  

Qianzhan Technology supports Yaoguang to build a 400,000-level stronger intelligent cockpit  

As the first model of Lion Ecology 2023, Yaoguang model brings together cutting-edge technical forces, starts from user scenarios, and uses many smart black technologies to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of high-end and intelligent experience, set off a new wave of automotive intelligence, and create 400,000-level upgrades. Strong smart cockpit!  

Through the four dimensions of strong architecture, strong hardware, strong audio-visual and intelligent driving, Yaoguang has built a top-level Zhixin Haomeng to achieve a stronger intelligent experience at the same level. At the architectural level, Yaoguang has applied the latest EEA4.0 electronic and electrical architecture to achieve faster transmission and intelligent iteration with Gigabit Ethernet, soft-hard separation and full-vehicle OTA functions. Yaoguang has also built 7 top-level intelligent supplier alliances to achieve stronger hard-core strength in hardware. At the audio-visual level, Yaoguang’s new HMI interface follows the latest aesthetic and simple design principles to create a three-dimensional vision, and has a 24-hour day and night mode, bringing the ultimate visual enjoyment. In terms of intelligent assisted driving, Yaoguang has a leading L2.99 intelligent driving assistance system at the same level, and has AVP autonomous valet parking function, which can automatically memorize parking spaces and solve the problem of reversing and leaving the warehouse. It also has NOC navigation assisted driving function, supporting Automatic overtaking and lane change, automatic adjustment of cruising speed, automatic on/off ramp and high-speed switching to achieve double improvement of safety and convenience.  

Yaoguang uses a number of cutting-edge technologies to create the advantage of being faster than smartphones. It is equipped with the golden combination of Snapdragon 8155 smart chip + Android11, which can easily realize the quick start of the car within 4 seconds, the voice dialing in 4 seconds, and the start of people in 5 seconds. Face recognition and continuous input of more than 20 voices in 30 seconds, so you can say goodbye to the long wait. In addition, Yaoguang smart cockpit also supports voice engraving, you can record the voice of your family within one minute and enjoy the company at any time. Yaoguang also has 50W wireless charging function, which can realize fast mobile phone charging and bid farewell to mobile phone battery anxiety.  

In order to let users enjoy life, Yaoguang also creates intelligent scenes, realizes multi-mode interaction, and runs through the whole scene of car use. For example, Yaoguang supports the function of emotion recognition, and can actively push relevant playlists through emotions, becoming a close partner to adjust users’ emotions. At the same time, it also has four-tone zone technology, which can realize precise voice control at all positions in the car. Even in high-speed or noisy environments, rear passengers can achieve accurate voice recognition. Yaoguang also has the first technology super ID function, which can realize “one person, multiple cars, and multiple people in one car” cross-car login. When driving with friends, you can switch your account, and use face recognition, voiceprint, NFC , Bluetooth, mechanical key and other methods can quickly bind the account, users do not need to change the original travel habits, and can “control” as they want. Yaoguang also aggregates third-party advantageous ecological resources to create an intelligent ecology. It not only has custom modes such as baby mode, birthday eggs, and romantic eggs, which bring more intimate care and wonderful moments, but also has applications such as mini games and singing bars. Allow users to have fun anytime, anywhere.  

Promote the development of brand 2.0 Yaoguang illuminates the road of high-end development with technology  

At the meeting, Fan Xing, deputy general manager of Starway Marketing Center, introduced to everyone that the Starway brand, after three years of deep accumulation, has not only won the recognition of domestic consumers, but also shined on the market stage at home and abroad. By 2023, Starway’s global The layout will reach 20 overseas countries. From January to September this year, Starway’s sales reached 36,412 vehicles, a 67% year-on-year increase, realizing the rapid development of the brand and becoming the first independent car brand whose overseas sales exceeded domestic sales. Today, with the continuous advancement of the globalization process, Starway has officially entered the brand 2.0 era, opening a new chapter of development. The Yaoguang model is the strategic model for Starway to move towards the 2.0 era of independent and upward branding.  

Relying on Mars Architecture 2.0 and Starway’s digital intelligent super factory in Qingdao, Yaoguang has two major technological genes and three unique configurations, reaching a high-end level of 400,000 in terms of driving quality, appearance, smart technology, and luxury and comfort. The leading level of the product gives users a more high-quality and smarter high-end travel experience and meets all users’ expectations for travel.  

Xingtu Yaoguang, realizing the high-level evolution of technology, is not only the best interpretation of Xingtu’s high-end development, but also synonymous with self-improvement and Chinese intelligence. Yaoguang, with the light of science and technology, not only illuminates the road of high-end development of Xingtu, but also points out the direction of the upward road of Chinese automobiles, making Chinese automobiles shine in the global auto market!