Technology creates a new picture of red resources

  Red resources are the testimony of our party’s arduous and glorious struggle, and are extremely valuable spiritual wealth. Today, when technology and culture are highly integrated, the interaction of emerging technologies represented by big data, 5G, cloud computing, visual sensing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc., provides broad ideas for the development and utilization of red resources, and also creates A whole new picture. Further exerting the advantages of emerging technologies and continuously expanding the dissemination and influence of red resources are of great significance for the whole society to better inherit the red gene and continue the red blood.

  Lay a solid foundation for the digital development of red resources, and make red resources “live”. According to the characteristics of various red resources such as archives, documents, songs, red scenic spots, historical sites, etc., panorama shooting, scanning, video recording, recording, etc. are classified into different categories, which are converted into digital archives information, and archived according to the theme of the material, historical period, and archive. Further classification, sorting and storage of forms, etc., with particular attention to the digital restoration and presentation of some precious red cultural relics. For example, AI restoration technology can be used to turn blurred old photos into clear and bright digital color photos; there are also some lost materials that can be reproduced with the help of scientific and technological means, so that they can be continued in digital form.

  At present, there have been abundant practices all over the country, and many places have established systematic, comprehensive and scientific red resource databases. But nationally, it’s still a long-term endeavor. According to statistics from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, there are currently more than 36,000 immovable revolutionary cultural relics and more than 1 million pieces (sets) of movable revolutionary cultural relics across the country. Digital collection, storage, restoration, and database building of red resources will lay a data foundation for future structured storage, professional labeling, national dissemination, and intelligent display of red resources.

  Innovate the display method of red resources and make red resources “move”. Through the wide application of digital technologies such as panoramic technology, building online exhibition halls, VR exhibition halls, cloud exhibitions, etc., the panoramic appearance of red archive resources can be presented in real time; online exhibitions can be carried out through video, live broadcast, graphics and other forms, allowing more audiences Get involved and expand the reach of red resources. The Sidu Chishui VR War Experience Center in Chishui, Guizhou Province, the “5G Red Tourism Demonstration Zone” launched by the August 1st Uprising Memorial Hall in Nanchang, and the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall used digital technology to restore and simulate scenes of the Battle of Zhiluo Town, Yan’an City Wall, and Yan’an New Market. Experiences… Audiences gain a deeper understanding of a piece of history in these unique experiences and are more likely to resonate emotionally.

  It should be noted that in the process of digital development and utilization, only by always clearly taking the inheritance of red genes as the starting point and end point, can the display and dissemination method of “red resources + digital technology” reflect its unique charm and value.

  Enrich the creation and design of red resources, and make better use of red resources. To tell a red story well, presentation and presentation are not enough. Using digital processing and creation to reflect more vivid and vivid history in a richer form can give the public a deeper understanding and enable red resources to better realize their value of casting souls and educating people. Creating high-level red-themed film and television dramas, historical documentaries, dramas, songs, etc., and performing them in a brand-new digital form, can make red resources more “useful”. In 2021, Shanghai will create a “Rejuvenation · Ode” red cultural experience space that coexists with reality and reality. Through smart devices such as AR, VR, LBS, and radar sensors, tourists can “immerse” experience the revolutionary process from the founding of the Communist Party of China to the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This kind of red cultural experience space further expands the educational function of red resources, adapting measures to local conditions, flexible setting, strong attraction, wide audience, and broad future prospects. The red cultural experience space will become a new red cultural landscape after museums, exhibition halls and memorial halls.

  The integration of technology and culture provides many possibilities for reshaping the cultural development model. Making full use of advanced scientific and technological means and strengthening the digital development and utilization of red resources is an important focus for reshaping the development and utilization mode of red resources, and is of great significance for inheriting the red gene in the new era and giving full play to the educational function of red culture. (Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: Shen Zhengzheng and Ren Xiaogang)