Tech explosion? NetEase makes the world’s first mobile game with NPC intelligence, memory and emotion

The outstanding fun of sub-games overshadows its scientific attributes, so game technology has been neglected for a long time. “

Yes, the game industry is an industry that integrates artificial intelligence, chips, 5G, XR (VR/AR) and other cutting-edge high-tech technologies. Even authoritative teams have published “Game Technology Research Reports” and began to re-examine what’s behind the game. “Technology”.

From the first game Pong, to the simple “Tetris”, to the somewhat exciting “Super Mario” on the red and white machine, to the groundbreaking 3D game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, to recent years With the advent of more and more 3A masterpieces and other VR masterpieces, game-related technologies can be described as changing with each passing day.

In addition to audio-visual related technologies, there is one technology that is also very important: artificial intelligence technology. The game itself, in fact, was an accidental by-product of the advance in the field of artificial intelligence in the 1950s.

Artificial intelligence technology, or AI, is actually not unfamiliar to most players. For example, “Warcraft 3” has AI-controlled opponents such as simple computers and maddening computers.

But AI can clearly do more. For example, imitating human beings, can think, remember, learn, and have emotions. Like the game Detroit Become Human or the show Westworld.

Recently, NetEase’s open-world martial arts work “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game opened its first online test. Players were surprised to find that the NPCs in this game are actually loaded with artificial intelligence engines. For the first time in the world, NPCs in mobile games also have intelligence, memory, and emotions!

According to the official introduction, more than 400 NPCs in the game are loaded with the AI ​​engine provided by Fuxi Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. They have independent character characteristics and behavior patterns, and can even type and fall in love with NPCs.

Let’s take the player’s personal experience directly as an example. The screenshot of the conversation below is from the Weibo player “sleepy to sleep”.

If you bump into an NPC on the road, the NPC will stop and complain to you. At this time, you can type to reply to her. Yes, just type and talk like a real player. At the beginning, the player obviously didn’t want to pay attention to the NPC named “Xiaohan”, so he replied “6” perfunctorily, but the “terrifying” thing gradually happened——

When the player typed “I’m sorry”, the NPC did not accept the apology, but immediately seized the opportunity to demand compensation from the player! The player instantly felt like he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Finding that NPCs are so smart, the player instantly opened the door to a new world. In addition to typing and chatting with NPCs, there is also a skill of “empty hands” in the game – this skill is not marked and can only be used on players or NPCs.

So the player had an idea, turned on Wang Qi (similar to the elemental vision of the original god) to check the contents of the NPC backpack, and then used his magic to empty his hands!

Although I successfully got the thing, I was accidentally discovered by the NPC! However, this sweet water lane guy has no fighting power, instead he knelt down and begged for mercy!

Discovering that robbery is so simple, this player is addicted to it and cannot extricate himself… But if he does too much evil, he will be caught!

After all, the female player is still kind-hearted. After fully releasing her inner little beast and exhausted from robbery, she began to talk to the NPC and experience the suffering of the people in this virtual world.

For example, the following child NPC named Achan, the player lied to him that his wallet was stolen, the child said kindly: invite the player to dinner.

NPCs don’t just talk. Following the NPC to his favorite restaurant, the two really had a meal in the game, and also talked about the agreement to meet in the future – pay attention! All of this is not a fixed plot, everything originated from a small chat between the player and the NPC.

Yes, this experience of the NPC will be written into the memory of the NPC. The next time he sees an NPC, he will still remember what happened. Players talk to NPCs, teach NPCs some things, and also make NPCs smarter.

Coincidentally, a player named “Northern Song Dynasty Yunzhi” on station b found that every NPC was so real and had his own true feelings after playing the game in depth, and even sighed: “I hope all of them (NPC) You can live the life you want.”

There are too many similar examples. When more than 400 NPCs have artificial intelligence engines, this game is no longer a simple game, but a large-scale sociological experiment of human and artificial intelligence . The story experienced by each player is different – after all, the pen that writes the plot is in his own hands, and he can chat with the NPC as he wants, and the NPC can fully understand the meaning of the player and how the plot is No one can predict the development.

When the editor first saw the official introduction of the mobile game Adverse Water Cold, it was written that “NPC intelligence run by scientists” and “NPCs that passed the Turing test level”, the editor also spit out a mouthful of rice – this is bragging It seems to be too big! However, the actual performance was very unexpected. The first online test of the game installed a very intelligent NPC, which conquered all the players who participated in the first test. The game test server scored as high as 9.1 points.

The intelligent NPCs of Adverse Water Cold mobile game are bound to bring a technological revolution to the game industry.

At present, Nishuihan mobile game has just finished its first online test during the 11th holiday, and the second test should not be far away. It is said that the intelligence of NPCs in the game will continue to improve! Players who are interested in intelligent NPCs can stay tuned.