Tear incontinence physique said, don’t argue with me, or I’ll just surrender!

Has Wang Baochuan, the grandfather of love brains, descended to the world to rush to KPI recently?

The netizens here are pure-hearted and have few desires, madly watching and digging wild vegetables to cut off their love and love.

The Japanese goddesses over there quickly fell in love one by one and threw themselves into married life.

Komatsu Nana and Sugata Masahiro screen cp repairs are successful, Aoi Yu married an ugly man from Japan Entertainment, and recently the goddess Hirose Suzu also announced that she and Yamazaki Kento will get married next year.

The most important thing is that the wives are all married, and the groom is not me … Who knows, I am depressed.

In September 2016, Suzu Hirose starred in “Your Lie in April” with Kento Yamazaki. At that time, there were constant scandals and fans were dying.

In an interview with Hirose Suzu after the play, she said that it was all necessary for the plot, just work.

I have absolutely no intention of falling in love with Yamazaki, and I will never fall in love with Yamazaki.

But in July this year, they were photographed celebrating their birthdays together. Not only was the love real hammered , but the company also quickly announced that the two would get married in March next year .

We have already lived together sweetly here and announced the marriage news, but, many fans are still in self-hypnosis…

The report also said that Hirose Suzu has declared her sovereignty everywhere and expressed her desire to get married as soon as possible.

Because I think Yamazaki is really good, and if he is left alone, there may be many women chasing him, so I strongly hope to get married immediately.

So handsome! So handsome! Too gullible! Really don’t blame Hirose Suzu!

Oh Mo, the last time I heard this kind of crazy obsession speech, it was Bao Wenjing and Zhu Dan…

That is to say, what a beautiful goddess is full of fear in love.

However, when this love is sweet, it is really sweeter than honey, and when there is a quarrel, it is really furious, and the firefighters have to retreat when they come! retreat! retreat!

The most speechless thing is that before I can play it, the tears have already opened the valve.

Desire to speak tears first, it’s really embarrassing, and it’s ugly.

We don’t know what’s going on, it feels like we’ve already lost this battle without a fight…

The physique of tear incontinence said, don’t argue with me, unless I use words, I will just surrender.

It wasn’t until the tears incontinence appeared on the hot search in the past two days that adults knew that it was really not just me, Da Karma was a “crying bag”.

No matter how strong his heart is, there are still tears on the surface like Daiyu.

That is to say , this physique of crying and crying is really annoying, and it really affects us.

Today, the adults are here to chat with you. Is tear incontinence a disease? Is there any help?

Why do tears incontinence?

Hot knowledge, tears come from the lacrimal gland.

The lacrimal gland is a reflex secretory gland that can lead to tears due to illness, environmental stimuli, emotional agitation, yawning…

Therefore, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, tears are divided into basal tears, reflex tears and emotional tears.

Tears incontinence belong to emotional tears, which are mainly caused by emotions, that is, mainly related to the following three points.

# The brain is too developed

Brain mirror neurons are the biological basis of “substitution” and “empathy”.

It is like a mirror. When we observe or perform the same or similar actions of others, it will be excited and discharged, resulting in a sense of empathy and substitution.

The more developed these brain mirror neurons, the lower our puncta.

That’s why some people will be satisfied when they watch eating and broadcasting, they can live and die when they hit CP, and they can end their love and love by watching Wang Baochuan dig wild vegetables.

# Too much lacrimal gland secretion

Lacrimal incontinence may also be caused by excessive secretion of lacrimal glands, and more than tear flow is a manifestation of lacrimal gland hyperfunction .

When our emotions are strong, tears are mainly controlled by nerves, and a lot of hormones are secreted.

When the hormone reaches a certain level, it affects the nerves in the brain that control the tear glands.

The main neural arc that controls the secretion of the lacrimal gland originates from the corneal reflex, travels through the fifth cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve) to the brainstem, and then to the seventh cranial nerve, causing it to issue commands to the lacrimal gland.

As a result, tear secretion will increase, leading to tear incontinence.

# Highly sensitive people

There is a type of people in the crowd who are particularly emotional .

They have a strong emotional response to things, and it takes longer to regulate and overcome these emotions. They are highly sensitive people.

Born with a low tear point, a little thing can be a mess, and it is easy to “emotional disorder”, resulting in tear incontinence.

# tears of anger

According to Dr. Robert R Provine of the University of Maryland, tears are the body’s response to strong, uncontrollable emotions, including anger.

In other words, anger, anger can also be the reason people cry.

According to relevant statistics, more than 51% of women have experienced “tears of anger”, but less than 2% of men have experienced it.

When angry, men are more likely to act aggressively , and women are more likely to cry .

Therefore, when many girls quarrel, they cry first.

The boyfriend is still talking or being silent.

How to restrain tear incontinence?

There is no such term in the world as tear incontinence. There are so many people crying that they have to come up with a name.

The term tear incontinence first appeared in 2018. Strictly speaking, it can only be regarded network term, not a medical term.

According to medical reports, tear incontinence is more like a characteristic of a person’s nervous system activity, not a pathological phenomenon in psychiatry.

In a word, tear incontinence is not a disease.

So I can only rely on myself, and there is no very effective treatment.

The first is to learn to pay attention to your emotions at the first time.

Lacrimal incontinence belongs to emotional tears, and it is also a process from the formation of emotions to the peak eruption and tears.

Therefore, students can pay attention to it at the beginning of their emotions and adjust to a “calm” state as much as possible.

Take a few deep breaths and find ways to interrupt when your emotions are about to get out of hand, such as going to the toilet.

Try to focus on the cause of your anger instead of focusing too much on the anger itself.

Avoid emotional soaring and infinite expansion in the unconscious, reaching the breaking point.

Second, be sure to release your emotions reasonably.

Excessive depression will give birth to many mental illnesses. After all, we are saying that Lu Xun once said that the further the world will be, the more mammary gland hyperplasia will take a step back…

# Tip 1: Pick the right time

Don’t cry in the morning (it is estimated that everyone will not be able to get up), try to cry at night.

It’s when you lie in bed at night and think, “The universe is so big, and I have to go to work tomorrow”, and you can cry hard.

Because the stress in the morning is usually less, crying may have no decompression effect.

And emotional tears need to be accumulated, and they can’t come as soon as they say it. When you get up early in the morning, the time is tight, and you can’t cry too much.

If you don’t have time at night, you can cry once a week, watch some movies that make you cry, and return to the purest and beautiful feelings of human beings.

The brain can also be fully nourished and rested better.

Especially when chasing dramas, listening to songs… Cry if you want to, don’t pretend to be strong and bear it.

# Tip 2: Choose the right partner

Studies have found that among all kinds of language counseling, the most effective is to talk to each other and cry together with people who have the same pain.

Not only can it release stress, but it can also generate empathy, bring joy, and directly offset sadness.

# Tip 3: Control the duration

Generally speaking, as long as the depressed mood is relieved and vented, there is no need to continue crying blindly.

Crying is best for no more than 15 minutes.

Because the gastrointestinal function of the human body is very sensitive to emotions, you should have a deep understanding of it when you are nervous to constipation.

Long-term sadness will also slow down the movement of the stomach, resulting in a decrease in gastric secretion and acidity, which affects appetite.

In addition, prolonged crying can also cause headaches, dizziness, and vomiting .

Expert: Crying is healthier!

# unzip

Emotional tears can switch from a sympathetic state of tension to a parasympathetic state of excitement.

Get out of your stressful, tense state.

Therefore, crying is a good way to eliminate sadness and relieve stress.

Usually, after crying, our breathing and heart rate will decrease, and the whole person will enter a more peaceful state .


Tears are similar to physiological processes such as exhalation, sweating, and yearning. The difference is that the content of manganese and sodium chloride in tears is higher.

Excessive manganese content can lead to emotional irritability, and even unstable body temperature and blood pressure.

Therefore, crying is also a way of detoxification.

As early as 1981, William’s experiments at Stanford University found that there is also a big difference in the composition of tears left by cutting onions and tears left after mood swings.

This onion-cutting produced reflex tears with less protein, and emotional tears with more protein.

After measuring the protein, the researchers speculate that tearing may be a way to excrete biochemical toxins that build up in a person’s stress.

Although tearful detoxification is a drop in the bucket compared to sweat, feces and urine …

But, ranking is better than no ranking.

# sterilization eye protection

Studies have shown that tears protect the eyes from substances such as anthrax.

At the same time, it can overcome the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.

This is because tears contain lysozyme, which can kill 90% to 95% of bacteria within 5 to 10 minutes, acting as a bacteriostatic barrier to protect the eyes from external infections.

Finally, adults believe that tear incontinence is not fragile and hypocritical, but can feel life more delicately and tenderly than others .

Crying is also a compulsory course for adults, and emotional release is the foundation of a quality life.

And, after getting older , the secretion of tears in women will decrease, and the resistance of the lacrimal artery will also increase, so it is not so easy to cry.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much, after all, compared with taking a step back for breast nodules, crying will at least lead to a healthy and long life.

If it doesn’t work, just wait for the natural old age, the tears will dry up…