Teacher Magic C is numb! Wolves_Huan “psychologist” played the teaching bureau, “exploded” 8 commentators

The 2022 Fifth Personality Professional League IVL autumn game is in full swing, but in the game between Wolves and Gr that ended soon, a rare scene happened.

In this game, the two sides played very stalemate, 3 big games, 6 small games and 5 games were all a draw, and Wolves relied on the 5th Survivor’s 4 runs to successfully win the game. It is worth mentioning that among the predictions of the 9 commentators before the game, 8 of them believed that the game would be won by Gr, but the final result was surprising. Therefore, it is really inappropriate to describe this game as rare. For too.

The Wolves’ winning game mainly relied on the wonderful performance of Wolves_Huan’s “psychologist”.

“Psychologist” is a popular assistant in the fifth personality, and both players and players are already familiar with her position. The feature of this role is auxiliary therapy. The advantage is that it has a strong self-protection ability. The passive blood recovery has a very obvious effect when it is contained, and it also has the effect of treating teammates with limited conditions. To sum up, every “psychologist” Players have a dream of pinning down the Overseer for a few minutes.

And the “psychologist” of Wolves_Huan is a textbook-level operation.

On the map of Eternal Sleep Town, the supervisors selected by Gr are “recorders”, while Wolves are acrobats, mercenary “psychologists” and magicians. It can be seen that Gr is not unprepared. The “perspective” effect of the “recorder” can play a significant role in the pursuit process, and the characteristics of restricting the interaction of survivors also restrain the lineup of survivors on Wolves’ side. There is no significant gap in BP.

At the beginning of the game, Wolves_Huan “psychologist” met with “recorder”. During the pulling, “recorder” realized that “psychologist” was not easy to handle, so he turned around to chase acrobats, and resolutely handed over flash , but what I didn’t expect was that the “psychologist” decisively carried the knife and continued to contain it, and the “recorder” skill made a mistake at the critical moment. As a result, the cooperation between the “psychologist” and the magician was contained for a while. In the final opening battle, 4 people survived on Wolves’ side, and 3 people escaped the “psychologist” and jumped into the cellar and successfully completed 4 runs.

In general, Wolves_Huan’s “psychologist” restrained for 147 seconds is indeed a personal show. Of course, the 2022 Fifth Personality Professional League IVL autumn game is still going on. There will definitely be more scenes like this in the future, friends A wave can be expected.