Taste sweet candy man, appreciate intangible cultural heritage, “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Tang Miao Paradise is open!

On October 19th, the new limited-time event Sugar Meow Paradise officially opened for the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey”. In the next two weeks, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” invites players to participate in three major activities, interact with the intangible cultural heritage “sugar man” in a unique way, and in the process retrieve the sugar man’s self-selected lucky bag, candy cat Turntables, auspicious kits, star fragments, delicious blind boxes, time-limited and other rich rewards, there are also brand-new fashions, Tang Meow Sweetheart & Tang Meow Honey, and the mount Xuanjing Cat are waiting for you, come and participate!

Sugar Man Roulette Battle: Pick Sugar Man Challenge Levels

Sugar making is a traditional Chinese handicraft, which belongs to intangible cultural heritage. In the childhood memories of many people, the soft candy can be transformed into flowers, birds, fish, insects and characters with different shapes under the skillful hands of craftsmen, which is full of novelty and fun. And now, players will be able to relive the sweetness and joy of childhood through the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Sugar Man Roulette Battle!

During the event, players can choose four favorite sugar figures on the roulette deployment interface, and configure skills for them, allowing them to challenge the sugar figures of each level for themselves. Players who meet the clearance conditions will receive clearance rewards and star rewards. With the accumulation of the number of stars, players will get gifts such as sugar man’s self-selected lucky bag, sugar meow carousel and star fragments!

Black Cat Market: Collect dried fish to travel with cats

In addition to the sugar man roulette event, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” also prepares a lovely “Black Cat Market” welfare event for players! Players can obtain dried fish by accumulating daily activity or completing activity tasks, and consuming dried fish can make Your black cat walks in the market, and when you arrive at the reward booth, you can get rewards such as sugar meow carousel, auspicious kits, delicious blind boxes, and time-limited rewards! The more dried fish players collect, the more rewards they can get. The richer, come to the Black Cat Market to participate in the event!

Sugar Man’s Booth: The Three Realms of Sugar Meow’s New Product Launch

In addition, the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game sugar man booth event also brought you a brand new fashion Candy Meow Sweetheart & Candy Meow Honey Language, mount Xuanjing Cat!

During the event, players can participate in the single-layer turntable lottery or the inner and outer double-layer turntable lottery as long as they purchase the Tangerine material pack, and get fashion Candy Sweetheart & Sweet Sweet Talk, Mount Xuanjing Cat, Advanced Warcraft Tips, and Advanced Five Treasures , Golden Key, God Doudou and other rich rewards. It is worth mentioning that players can accumulate lucky points by participating in the single-layer turntable lottery. When the lucky value is obtained, the player will definitely get a black cat’s optional gift box! The rewards in the outer ring are the same, and you can also get additional magic weapon essence package rewards!

At the same time, Black Cat Candy Meow Meow Sale Mall and Tianjuge Furniture Mall will also be opened simultaneously, with a variety of new personalized items, discount props & gift packs for you to choose from, don’t miss it!

Now, the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game Sugar Meow Paradise event has officially started! This time, we expect that players can experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage by tasting the sugar man culture while reaping rich rewards!