Tarot Divination: The Four Constellations That Will Bring Love and Composite Marriage This Year

Tarot Divination: The Four Constellations That Will Bring Love and Composite Marriage This Year

Is love a tacit understanding between each other? This year, if you are married and get back together in love, you must watch it

People born under the sign of Taurus may appear cold on the surface, but they are actually very loving about their love. Love is very important in their hearts. Love occupies a very important position in the lives of people born under the sign of Taurus. They never give up their pursuit of love.

Sagittarius Sagittarius is full of enthusiasm for life and has an optimistic and positive attitude. The love fortune is also very clear, and the road to love is smooth. When meeting like-minded people, spiritual communication is more important than anything else. This year, Sagittarius’ peach blossoms are blooming, and you will be favored by Yuelao, and you will meet a predestined relationship, and you will have an inexplicable attraction to true love. Welcome your loved one and talk about a sweet love.

Although Leo people have a big temper, they have a strong heart. They have an attitude towards love and are willing to give everything for the other party. The degree of infatuation can be imagined. In the future, when the peach blossoms of the lion come, they will welcome a good relationship, and will join hands with their old love for a happy life.

Scorpio is nostalgic for the old love, the love has turned around, and the ex takes the initiative to seek peace. For the person they like, they will show their gentle side and show their love for their lover with practical actions. Even if they break up, they have to wait for the opportunity. Finding the lover is not easy, so they will not give up easily, but in the end Will guide the other party to actively seek peace.

Tarot card divination rules: keep the peace of mind, meditate on the question in your heart, and then choose a card that impresses you the most from the following cards based on your first feeling.

Tarot divination methods:

1. Take a few deep breaths to calm down

2. Look at these four Tarot cards and say in your heart: Is our love reunion the result he expected? “

3. Choose one from the four pictures by feeling

Pentacle Two

His character can’t let go, and his obsession is too deep, because they don’t know each other very well, and they are all focused on their own affairs, and don’t care about relationship issues. Because you are all too busy. This makes your relationship not very pleasant, and he feels that his heart will often feel extremely sad. You should tidy up your mood and bravely welcome the brand new tomorrow. Maybe your right fate is waiting for you not far away. Your love reunion is not the result he wants.

Three of Cups

You two still have a chance to reconcile, he has you in his heart. It’s just that the way you two got along before was problematic. If you reconcile with each other, you still need to change your attitude and way of getting along. In fact, the two of you are still very suitable together. But both of them need to work together to maintain this relationship. You need to make a plan for him to really like you. In this way, your love will reunite, and he will be optimistic about it in the end.

Three Swords

This relationship is full of obstacles. Both of them were already scarred. And you have also suffered a lot of trauma emotionally. Even if you reconcile, you don’t have the mood to continue, so it’s better to let go earlier and give the other party freedom. If you want to get back together with the other party, there may be many inexplicable obstacles, and there will often be temporary things that prevent you from meeting again. It will also make the other person feel very troubled, and make him unable to see the possibility of your love reunion having results.

Seven of Wands

If you want to get back together, the chances of the two of you reconciling are very low. Your love has become a thing of the past. It is a memory in your life. But reconciliation is almost impossible and unrealistic. Because the obstacle between you is a bit big. Even if one party takes the initiative to seek peace, it is difficult to stay together. He didn’t consider the result of your love reunion.

Milataro said, waiting is not to impress you, but just to keep myself from leaving. I want to say, when I like you, you also like me. There is no need for anything else, we are together because of love alone. People who laugh at me, please brush your teeth white first, because I will seriously remember every word you said, every look back, every laughter in my heart.