Taobao Life: “Double 11 Redemption Store” activity strategy, full score strategy for answering questions

Xiaotaoer will take you to easily play the “Double 11 Exchange Store” activity: how many exchange coupons are needed for the event dress up, how many exchange coupons can be obtained for the event, the strategy for answering the questions, and which day is the peak of physical exchange…

1. Answers to the full score strategy

The WeChat applet “Xiao Tao’er” released the answers to all the questions in the Double 11 exchange store quiz activity, with a total of 259 questions. Friends who have not used the applet to answer questions must click the link to view the article “”.

Again, when searching for answers to questions, enter consecutive keywords in the question or option . If the search criteria are not continuous text, no answer can be found.

2. Tips for redeeming prizes

This Double 11 Redemption Store activity has accumulated exchange coupons, and the exchange coupons required to redeem rewards are as follows:

From the above two tables, it can be concluded that:

1. A total of 356+ exchange coupons can be obtained from the event. (The WeChat applet “Xiao Tao’er” posted all the answers to the questions)

2. For old players : only need to exchange two gender “Paradise Dreamland” new suits and one gender “Golden Maple Sequence” sign-in suit, a total of 126 exchange coupons. If you add a mobile phone stand, the total is 276 redeemable coupons. A total of 356 exchange coupons can be obtained from the event, so you can exchange mobile phone stand rewards first and then dress up rewards.

3. For new players : 270 exchange coupons are required for all dress-up rewards, and 356+ exchange coupons can be obtained in total for the event, which cannot be exchanged for physical rewards. Therefore, new players may have to give up the physical phone holder reward. In other cases, new players can plan according to the table data.

4. On Monday, October 24th, you will get 149 exchange coupons through the event, plus the exchange coupons obtained from the map, most players can get 150 exchange coupons. Therefore, it is expected that the early morning of October 24 will be the peak period for exchanging physical mobile phone brackets. Friends who want to exchange mobile phone brackets may have to stay up late, or use the golden dice in advance to get more exchange coupons!

5. “Double 11 Exchange Coupon” is an exclusive exchange coupon for the event. After the event is over, it will no longer be available, so before the event ends, the remaining exchange coupons will be used to draw fashion packs. Each exchange coupon can be exchanged for 100 buttons, so as not to be wasted due to expiration.

6. Xiaotaoer stayed up late to sort out, if there is any mistake, please correct me!