Taobao and Kuaishou will rebuild the external chain cooperation from today, and all functions will be restored on October 31

Image source: Figureworm Creative

Blue Whale TMT Channel News on October 28, the reporter was informed that Taobao and Kuaishou will resume external chain cooperation from 0:00 on October 28, 2022. During Tmall Double 11, merchants have resumed the function of releasing goods and service links in the shopping cart, short video shopping cart, business details page and other modules of the Kuaishou live broadcast room through the Taobao alliance, and will be fully restored by October 31.

Cheng Yuan, general manager of Taobao Alliance, said that the resumption of cooperation between the two parties will help merchants to bring more business certainty and imagination during the Tmall Double 11 period and in the future. It is understood that this cooperation is not only for the current Tmall Double 11, Taobao and Kuaishou will continue to cooperate in the follow-up. As for the specific period of cooperation between the two parties, it is currently unknown.

Up to now, Taobao Alliance has more than 24 million promoters, serving over 600 million active consumers annually, and more than 360 merchants whose GMV scale reaches 100 million. Earlier, the Taobao Alliance announced that Tmall will provide 1.5 billion yuan in subsidies and technical services during the Double 11 Shopping Festival to help merchants and Taoke gain certainty in business growth on Tmall Double 11.

Previously, Kuaishou E-commerce cut off the links of Taobao and Jingdong alliance products on March 1, 2022. At that time, Mo Daiqing, an online retail senior analyst at the E-commerce Research Center of Netease, said that this means that Kuaishou live broadcast e-commerce is fully moving towards a closed loop, which is a must for Kuaishou to build an independent e-commerce.

Today, Kuaishou and Taobao are rebuilding the external chain cooperation, and whether Kuaishou and have the same adjustment attracts attention. In this regard, the Blue Whale Finance reporter asked relevant people from for confirmation, but no reply was received as of press time.