Tang Yan’s figure is thin but not wood, wearing a pink dress is full of sophistication, very beautiful!

To be honest, everyone yearns for a good figure, and Tang Yan is the representative of a good figure. She is thin but not woody. Wearing a pink dress shows her unique charm. She is full of sophistication and is really beautiful.

A one-shoulder dress is a neckline with a high degree of skin exposure, which is more natural and white. It is very able to bring out the elegance and sophistication of the small face and the swan neck.

The pink dress is combined with a pink lace design. This fashion element embellishment can immediately highlight the sweetness, looks very dazzling, and highlights the full unique charm. It will also look very unique when worn on the body.

Tang Yan’s matching pink dress is still quite fresh, which helps to bring out her complexion and looks quite white, and this kind of light pink dress does not feel too gorgeous, it can give people a fresh and elegant feeling .

Light pink seems to be difficult to control, but Tang Yan with white skin can wear a sense of luxury, so she can boldly use this kind of pink dress to concave shape, which also shows her fair skin, and also combines the exquisite hairstyle , With metal earrings, necklace, it is really extravagant.

The high-waisted dress shows a small waist and long legs. It has a great visual sense and is very durable. This classic color is not easy to go out of style. The neckline is also combined with a one-shoulder neckline design, which can reduce the dullness. sense, retain a certain amount of exposed skin.