Takeaway staff and deaf-mute anchors try Taobao live broadcast, and can earn nearly one million a month with 0 transactions

Yang Jie

Editor Wu Lingwei

Every morning rush hour or weekends, Xiao Xiao, a post-95 girl, always walks through the streets and alleys of Nanning, Guangxi.

She has been delivering food in Nanning for more than a year, and a mobile phone is always tied to the handle of the battery car. During the intervals between delivering food, she will transform into an anchor, sing and dance on the street, and share her talents and life in the live broadcast room.

Also in Guangxi, Guagua accidentally opened the door to the live broadcast because he set up a street stall selling dolls during the live broadcast. Guagua, who was unable to speak normally due to childhood illness, could only hold up a cardboard to the camera and write what he wanted to say on it. Many viewers walked into the live broadcast room with curiosity, but were moved by the full vitality of this post-00s girl.

In this city, Guagua doesn’t have many friends, but in the live broadcast room, many loyal fans will stand in front of their mobile phones, waiting for her to broadcast, and type: “Guagua, come on.”

“Xiao Xiao is Outdoors” and “Cute Gua Gua” are the new anchors of Taobao Live.

Starting from 2022, Taobao Live will speed up the contentization process, and the resource allocation mechanism will shift to the two-wheel drive of “deal” or “content”. The hotbed of content anchors has risen, and many content masters and amateur anchors are ushering in the opportunity to try and grow .

In February 2023, in order to further support the diversified development of live content, Taobao Live once again issued an incentive policy for high-quality new coffee content, and provided cash and traffic support for new accounts and active accounts on the site. The platform side is based on the different positioning and attributes of accounts Give differentiated incentives respectively.

The high amount of cash plus traffic subsidies directly stimulated a group of content experts to test the water. The trial broadcast was only one month old, and thanks to platform subsidies, the monthly income of “Xiaoxiao is Outdoors” is close to one million, and the income of “Cute Quack” is also over 50,000.

With a series of changes, the opportunity for content-based new anchors has come.

The hearing-impaired anchor tried the water to “bring goods”, this live broadcast room was quiet

At the beginning, no one thought that the lively anchor wearing a frog suit in front of the camera and actively interacting with the audience was a hearing-impaired person.

A high fever in her childhood caused Guagua to lose her hearing, which also meant that she lost the ability to learn to speak normally. After spending many years in a silent world, Guagua began a long rehabilitation process, feeling the vibration in her throat and imitating it over and over again. Now she can hear part of the voice, and can also express vaguely.

Due to her special status, Guagua has done many jobs: setting up stalls, doing odd jobs, cleaning… She has been to many factories, felt the goodwill of the outside world, and was not immune to some cold eyes.

“Guagua used to sell dolls and balloons at a street stall, and we were wondering if we could use live broadcast to help her promote it.” The MCN organization where Guagua works told the story behind it.

In February of this year, Guagua tried to open its own live broadcast room. Under the overpass of Nanning’s Internet celebrity scenic spot, you can see croaks in frog costumes every night. The first game was not satisfactory. Facing the headlights and a live broadcast mobile phone in front of him, Guagua was a little nervous and couldn’t feel it. He could only shake his hands and interact with the audience. After the four trial broadcasts, the audience was relatively bleak.

Through the feedback from the platform, the team helped Guagua to adjust its operation strategy: firstly, to lengthen the live broadcast time and choose an evening live broadcast with better traffic; secondly, to increase the operation and commentary, Guagua uses the message board to interact with tourists, and the operation will be in the commentary Based on the addition of talent shows.

Teach everyone to use sign language, set up stalls to sell dolls, and dance frogs when they disagree with each other… Guagua is more and more able to “free himself” in the live broadcast. The viewership of a live broadcast, the highest in the world, directly reached 240,000.

The live broadcast opened a new hole in Guagua’s life. After one month of live broadcasting, Guagua’s income reached 50,000 yuan, and her living conditions have also improved slightly.

“The platform gives every new anchor the same opportunity, as long as you persist, there will be traffic feedback and cash incentives.” The team sighed. Even though this road is difficult and has many twists and turns, it also brings a great sense of accomplishment to Guagua.

After struggling for more than 20 years, this time, she finally held the right to choose firmly in her own hands.

Delivering food during the day and live broadcasting at night, the post-95 generation has attracted nearly 40,000 fans

Like Gua Gua, a group of new anchor faces with dreams and talents gradually appeared in the Taobao live broadcast room.

At the beginning of 2021, Xiao Xiao was 24 years old. Unemployed due to the epidemic, she applied for many positions one after another, but none of them succeeded. She found another way out for herself, delivering food. “Although this industry is hard work, it treats everyone equally. As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded.” For more than a year, she got up early in the morning to deliver food at night, earning nearly 200 yuan a day.

At the beginning of 2022, entertainment live broadcasts are booming. On the streets of Guangxi and under the Internet celebrity bridge, many anchors have appeared one after another, showing their talents and selling goods. “Why can’t I give it a try?” With her good looks and her love for singing, many friends around her joked that she was “a female anchor who was delayed by the food delivery”, so Xiao Xiao began to sing live in her spare time.

“In the early days, I tried the broadcast on the Douyin platform, but because the content was relatively homogeneous, the feedback was average. Considering the platform characteristics and user stickiness of Taobao Live, I wanted to try it on a new platform.” Superimposed the traffic incentive of Taobao Live’s content, In February of this year, Xiaoxiao began to switch platforms, wanting to try her luck in the new battlefield.

Xiao Xiao, who started with 0 fans, experienced a period of silence. In the first two live broadcasts, only one or two people were online. With no one to interact with, Xiao Xiao could only sing from beginning to end by herself, feeling frustrated in her heart.

By chance, Xiao Xiao, who had just delivered food, hurried into the scene to sing before she had time to take off her food delivery clothes, but unexpectedly attracted a lot of viewers who came and went. Coupled with the official traffic incentives, the audience unexpectedly reached as many as 600,000.

Unlike most anchors on the platform, Xiaoxiao currently does not sell goods, and relies more on high-quality content to attract fans. The content incentive policy of Taobao live broadcast also gives this kind of content-based anchors room to explore.

From the perspective of the organization, the live streaming of entertaining content focuses more on the connection and interaction between people, and the image of the anchor is clearer and fuller. As long as the anchor is good enough and has a strong scheduling ability in the live broadcast room, then the commercial ceiling will be in the future. It is correspondingly much higher.

“After accumulating a certain amount of fans, we may configure corresponding product categories according to the characteristics of fans, which is still under planning.” Xiao Xiao revealed.

The rising channel for content-based new anchors has been opened

Starting from 2022, Taobao Live will speed up the process of content transformation, and successfully attracted a large number of celebrities such as Luo Yonghao, Li Dan, TVB artists, Zhang Lan, etc. to settle in and start broadcasting.

Today, Taobao live broadcast is constantly increasing content, revitalizing the benign supply of Taobao live broadcast content, improving the conversion efficiency of live broadcast content to products, and more and more outstanding content anchors have emerged. At present, Taobao Live has launched a cash support plan for all new content-based accounts, which are basically divided into two parts. The unit price is 10 yuan/hour bonus; the second is the full attendance reward. Taobao Live will give a one-time 1,500 yuan bonus incentive to accounts that meet the average user total time of 4 hours per game and have broadcast for 22 days or more.

New content-based accounts that premiere after February 1, 2023 can not only participate in cash rewards, but also get more traffic support according to the platform’s trial broadcast development policy.

“Xiaoxiao is Outdoors” and “Cute Quack” are the anchors who benefited from the new policy.

“Before the introduction of the new policy, when organizations set up content-based accounts, they needed initial investment in operations and equipment. This caused some organizations not to dare to try. The new policy also provided a foundation for MCN organizations and new anchors. , everyone has more courage to let go of their hands and feet to try and make mistakes.” Huaxing Time and Space MCN agency staff said.

The end of the platform undoubtedly helped the new anchors open up the upward channel. For anchors and organizations, such as food delivery staff, entertainment anchors, artists, college students, etc., they should seize the opportunity of platform content development; Set up your own personality and tone, grow your account, and then bring goods.

As far as the platform is concerned, on the basis of transactions, anchors have explored new increments through content innovation, which has also revitalized the content supply and ecological richness of the platform. When content such as catwalks, playing and singing, and dancing are continuously staged in the live broadcast, consumers enjoy it, and when good content is disseminated for the second time, it can also bring goods to the product.

Right now, the second half of live broadcast e-commerce is worth grasping for new anchors.